The cast of Hamilton’s liberal Hypocrisy

Can you say, one giant POS Hypocrite here. It seems like the Broadway star of Hamilton Brandon Victor Dixon is one HUGE POS sexist, racist misogynistic douchebag here. It seems like Brandon Victor Dixon was trying to lecture Vice President-elect Mike Pence but doesn’t seem to see the giant hypocracy that was glaring so brighter than sun. This Tweet from his twitter line show’s it all

I have to wonder, where’s the outrage from the liberals, feminist and radical feminist on this one. Even what Donald Trump has said in the past was bad but what Brandon Victor Dixon tweeted is FAR worse than what Donald Trump has said. It makes me wonder why the liberals, feminist and radical feminist are not outraged over what Brandon Victor Dixon tweeted about women and white people.

It seems like what we have here is one liberal douchebag who tried to lecture vice president-elect Mike Pence but doesn’t realize that he’s a giant hypocrite when he talk’s about women and white people. His hypocrisyis glaring that it’s mind blowing.

I’m gona say this, this POS’s career is over. I’m gona give him at least 6 months before Broadway boots this sexist, racist, mysoginist POS of the stage. By the look of things, the Internet doesn’t forget and it’s gona haunt him for the rest of his life.


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