The State’s Train wreck in the making

The State’s economy is a train wreck in the making and I fear when 2017 comes around. Connecticut is one step closer to becoming the next Detroit, Mi. If anyone has a brain cell, now is a good time to start looking to migrate elsewhere. That’s because with the State of Connecticut’s projected budget shortfall, their’s gona be a huge budget cuts across the board for many of the state’s dept’s and agencies. Even for people like me who’s group home is contracted by the state, it’s gona impact me, one way or the other.

This is why for me, now would be a GOOD time for me to look at getting my Masters in social work or Masters in Nursing, so I can get the Hell out of Connecticut. Once they start the Tax increases, the Cost of living here will be so sky high that the state will be unaffordable for the Middle class and the Working class.

What I foresee in the next 6 months is if the state of Connecticut increases the taxes on people and cutting jobs and agencies. Your gona see a mass migration of people who want out of Connecticut to states that are cheaper to live and cost less than Connecticut. I can see the writing on the wall and reading the tea leaves, it ain’t gona be good to live in Connecticut for the next 10 years.

So for me, it maybe High time to go get that Master’s Degree so I can get the Hell out of Connecticut when they start taxing people to death. I may have to move south where it cost less and it’s cheaper than Connecticut.

Source: Budget cuts may be twice as deep as this year | WTNH Connecticut News