This is why I don’t believe in Hate Speech

This is why I don’t believe in the so called Hate speech because it infringes on the 1st Amendment rights and Freedom of Speech. It basically silences critical thinking, free thought and freedom to think whatever we want. It’s basically the left and liberals are trying to silence dissent and those who have opinions and views that are different from others. It’s why I hate the liberal left when they try to label speech as hate speech or opinions, views and belief’s as hate speech. the liberal left is simply trying to take away people’s rights to have an opinion, view, belief or the ability to speak their mind.

It’s why I will defend people’s rights to speak their mind, express their opinions, views and belief’s no matter how hateful or vile is because as someone who is willing to defend the US Constitution and this country. I’m willing to defend people’s right to speak their mind no matter how hateful or vile is.