How Social Isolation Is Killing Us 

This is why Social media is slowly killing us and social media is fast becoming a Public Health issue in this country.  The original idea of social media was to connect people but instead social media has become a place that Isolates people and alienates people. It’s why I am starting to notice how social media has isolated and alienated me from people. It’s why I have been having high blood pressure issues is because social media has pretty much isolated me and alienated me. It pretty much made me feel bitter and hostile about people and how well connected other people are as oppose to me. It’s why I think social media is to blame why many people are isolated and not connected with people. Technology maybe great for humanity but the one thing we are starting to lose out is in the Human connection with one another and the face to face connection. Many times I think Social media has largely failed to connect people and instead has isolated people.

2 thoughts on “How Social Isolation Is Killing Us 

  1. We truly reached a Brave New World. Our electronically connected world sheds essential human interactions that exist when we meet face to face. Our machines provide a physical divide between between our human elements. Communication ceases to contact us in an intimate way. The communication between bodies is lost to our physical senses, including the sharing of spirit and energy that we are only beginning to understand. Find some time to just shut the damned machines off and spend time in the undistracted presence of others.

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