Intersex birth certificate issue

As an Intersex person who has Kallmann’s syndrome, one issue I take serious offense over is the recent news story about this so called Intersex person, name Sara Kelly Keenan who claims to be the first one to have intersex on their birth certificate. The issue here largely stems from Sara Kelly Keenan claiming to be intersex and claiming to have an intersex birth certificate issue. The other issue, is where is the DNA Karyotype and the medical reports to the health dept that say’s Sara Kelly Keenan is Intersex. Seems to me, that is very suspect without the documentation from the Doctor to the health dept.

The one issue I have for myself as an Intersex person is what kind of Intersex condition is Sara Kelly Keenan claiming to have because in all the media outlets out their, their is NO mention of a single type of Intersex condition that Sara Kelly Keenan claims to have. So which leads me to believe that Sara Kelly Keenan either a Trans person or a Genderqueer who is faking Intersex and lying about being Intersex in order to dupe the NYC health dept into giving her an Intersex birth Certificate. Without naming a single Intersex condition, it would make people very suspicious and would leave people with doubt to their story. Whereas when I did my article for the New Yorker Magazine, I always explicitly tell people what kind of Intersex I am and what my actual Intersex condition is. So it leads me to believe that Sara Kelly Keenan is not an Intersex person because right up front, she never said what kind of Intersex she’s claiming to have and makes me wonder if she’s lying though her teeth or conning people.

The other thing I am glad this story is doing is exposing how much the Transgender community is bullying and trying to trans the Intersex community and infecting the Intersex community with so much of the Trans bullshit. You have right wing sites like Steven Crowder, who is exposing this story for everyone to see and to show how much the Trans community is bullying and trying to trans the Intersex community. In fact I am glad that this story is getting traction because it’s showing how much the Trans, LGBT and Liberal left is trying to hijack and appropriate the Intersex community to push their perverted agenda at the expense of Intersex people such as myself. The more people see this kind of bullshit that the Intersex people have to face from those who hate medical science, biology and reality. The more people will see why the trans, LGBT and Liberal left are trying to hijack the Intersex community from Intersex people.

It’s why as an Intersex person who has Kallmann’s Syndrome and who has been tested and verified by the National Institutes of Health. I have serious doubts about Sara Kelly Keenan claiming to be Intersex and claiming to have an Intersex birth Certificate. Unless Sara Kelly Keenan can say what kind of Intersex she’s claiming to have & what her so-called Intersex condition is, I have to suspect and assume until prove otherwise that she’s either a genderqueer or a Trans who’s faking it.