WTF is wrong with these cops

Seriously, WTF is wrong with these cops. You have a suspect armed with a Hammer and you bring a K9 and a Taser to a Hammer fight. It seems like Sussex PD in Sussex UK seriously needs to take a page or a Lesson from NYPD, Boston, PD or even the Mass State Police on how to take down a violent suspect like this one.

Tasing a guy is not enough here. In America, almost every Police officer would have shot him to the ground or send the dog at them. It seems like the Sussex PD in Sussex UK needs to learn how to deal with idiots like this and in America, we would not tolerate it and he would have either been shot, hit with a Beanbag shotgun or attacked by a K9. It seems like these Cops need to seriously go back to SCHOOL.

6 thoughts on “WTF is wrong with these cops

  1. That’s we we don’t shoot each other. We just drown in despair at the cold gray drizzle.

    Actually we don’t because we have the best music, food, writers and racing cyclists in the world. 🙂

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