Another Intersex person comes out

It seems like Intersex people are taking a dangerous page from the LGBT and the Trans community. I have several concerns on this but at the same time I think it’s great that people are starting to see that Biology is a wonderful thing.  My concerns stem from the fact that the LGBT and Trans community will try to hijack this person and try to use this Intersex person as a poster child for their porny fetish and failed ideology. On top of that, I fear that the LGBT and Trans will try to sexualize her Intersex medical condition and try to use her intersex condition to push their fetish at their expense.

It’s why as an Intersex person myself, I fight so damn hard to keep the LGBT and Trans community far, far away from the Intersex community. I fight to keep LGBT and Trans out of Intersex spaces on the grounds that what the LGBT and trans might harm vulnerable Intersex kids and try to push vulnerable Intersex kids into needless, traumatic and unnecessary Surgeries that can harm Intersex kids later in life. It’s simply for the sake of the Intersex kids and kids with diagnosed Intersex/DSD conditions.