Tolerance? So much for Tolerance from the Democrats and Liberal left

It seems like another day in the looney Liberal left and Democrats who are showing how intolerant they really are. It’s funny how these liberal left and democrats try to claim they are really tolerant but when you see news clips like these. It makes you wonder how tolerant the Liberal left and Democrats really are.

It just makes me laugh, every time a Democrat and liberal left try to say they are are very tolerant and open to people but then when you disagree with them, they suck punch you. It makes you wonder why people really hate the Democrats and Liberal left in this country. They hate them because they are showing how intolerant they really are and showing how much of a crybaby the liberal left and Democrats are.

It’s amazing the intolerant liberal left and democrats didn’t punch a gun carrying, 2nd amendment supporter. The outcome would be quite different and the liberal left and Democrat would not make it to hospital after the gun carrying, 2nd amendment supporter puts two rounds into the intolerant liberal left and democrat.

It’s really why, as an Independent voter who supported and voted for Donald Trump, I am calling for everyone to apply and get a Pistol permit or a conceal carry permit. It’s because judging how violent the Liberal left and Democrats are these days. I would not take a chance around them and I would arm up to protect yourself from these violent democrats and liberal left.