The really forgotten ones

One thing I have come to notice in this country is how so many people are forgotten in this country. Many people have always paid attention to white, black and hispanic people and say they are really forgotten, but I think they are mistaken very wrong here. The really forgotten ones in this country are the Asian Americans like myself who are forgotten in this country and are the ones who are hidden, ignored and in the shadows in this country. Many times in America, Asian Americans are so hidden, ignored and in the shadows because the American political spectrum is so focused on black, white and Asian Americans. They fail to account for the Asian Americans who make up of the silent ones who are forgotten and hardly ever mentioned in the liberal media or online.

What’s even funny is when President Donald Trump says that the forgotten will no longer be forgotten in this country. He seems to forget that Asian Americans are still forgotten in this country. Even President Donald Trump has forgotten all the Intersex people that exist in this country as well. The fact that President Donald Trump has claimed that the forgotten will no longer be forgotten, is a farce because in the eyes of the American public, their are still people who are forgotten by the politics, media and society in this country. Their are many people who are forgotten, hidden and ignored by everyone else in this country.

It’s why I blame this country for simply forgetting the fact that their are people like me who have been skipped over, forgotten and ignored by the press, politics and media in this country. I lay blame on the fact that the American society has ignored on the forgotten and focused so much on black, white and hispanic people in this country. I lay blame those who have ignored people like me and have relegated people like me in the shadows. The fact that this country and it’s politics is so harsh and rash in this country that people who don’t pay attention are often times pushed out and simply forgotten.

When you really want to see who’s really forgotten in this country. Go take a damn look at those who don’t speak up, those who don’t have a voice and those who don’t live the American dream. Even those who work day in and day out in the shadows and don’t get to express their views, beliefs and opinions in this country. Look at those who have been ignored by everyone and only used to prop up their ideology at the expense of others. Those are the really, truly forgotten ones in this country and the ones everyone in America skips over and doesn’t think about.

I simply put, this country forgets so easily those who have no voice and don’t get to speak their mind or express their opinion. When they do get a chance, they are often times shut down and run out. It makes me fucking wonder why we don’t get to speak our mind, express our belief and voice our view points when we’re ignored, shoved into a corner and forgotten in this country.

The fact here is that in America, people easily forget those who are ignored and hidden in this country. They forget the fact that their are people in this country who don’t get to speak up, all because they are not privileged enough. It’s why I think in America, people have plainly ignored those who don’t get to speak up and don’t get to voice an opinion, view or belief. It’s sad that in America, that in order to speak up, express a view, belief or opinion. You have to be white, black or hispanic in this country. It seems like Asian Americans don’t get to speak up and pretty much sounds racist because everyone else get’s to speak up, voice their opinion/view or live the American dream.