This is why Leftist liberals are so dumb and unhinged.

It makes you wonder why I have Zero tolerance to no tolerance for the Looney Left in this country. Thanks to Tucker Carlson for exposing this looney leftist by the name of Sunsara Taylor, who clearly is the poster child for mental illness in this country. Sunsara Taylor is clearly mentally unstable and mentally unhinged. Sunsara Taylor is really begging to be locked up in some mental health institution or in prison.

Thank god for people like Tucker Carlson for exposing the Liberal left for who they are. Exposing these leftist liberals, Alt-left and democrats for who they are will show people how deranged, mentally unstable and mentally unhinged they are since the Election. These people clearly don’t need to be out in society and they instead should be locked up in prison or a mental institution.

If I had my way, that looney leftist would be bitched slapped half way across the room and then tossed into a Mental institution or a prison. These people like Sunsara Taylor are clearly unstable, unhinged and clearly the poster child for schizophrenia and mental illness in this country. They don’t need to be pandered they need psychiatric help..