Life Update

Just recently, I went to have my eyes checked out and they discovered I have Mypoia, exotropia right eye, mild amblyopia left eye. Which means I have lazy eye and now I am scheduled for Eye Surgery at the end of the month. Which means the eye surgeon will operate on me to fix the right eye that moves to the side. It’s one of those surgical procedures that I have to get done because the older I get, the harder it gets. It’s why I reached that age in life where most things had to get done before I get any older.

Even though the surgery is one day, but it still scares me because I am gona be knocked out when they do the eye surgery. As far as driving, that week I have the eye surgery, I won’t be able to drive or go out anywhere. That means gym maybe put on hold for me and I won’t be able to use the Gym until I am cleared by the eye doctor. That means I won’t be able to go swimming as well.

It’s why I am nervous as heck about the upcoming eye surgery and I hadn’t told my folks about because for some reason were still not seeing eye to eye over a little disagreement. It’s why I hope I can find away to get to the surgical center and have someone bring me back home afterwards. Though I have been reading up on the Strombolis eye surgery and watching videos on the Strombolis eye surgery to see what’s gona happen to my eye. The one good thing is that I have an updated Advance Directive that I had to do when I went to NIH and I am bringing that with me.