Not another Kennedy, again

Ken Dixon writes about Connecticut politics for the Connecticut Post, and he takes a look at Sen. Ted Kennedy Jr.’s possible run for Governor of Connecticut.

As if the village Idiot, Governor Malloy isn’t bad enough already and now their’s a chance that another Kennedy clan member will make a Run for Governor in Connecticut. Just what this damn state needs, another cluster F*uck and another democrat to run this state to the ground even further.

Haven’t this state suffered enough already with Democrats who are trying to kill this state and now we have a Kennedy who thinks he can run this state.

I simply hope we don’t need any more democrats running the state to the ground and destroying it. We suffered way too long and to have a Kennedy in the Governor’s office will be way too much for people to handle.

Basically for the Love of GOD and COUNTRY………NO MORE Bush, Clinton or Kennedy’s in Politics. We suffered enough and need to move far away from them.

Source: RAY DUNAWAY: Will Ted Kennedy Jr. Run For Governor? « CBS Connecticut