Being Intersex ain’t that easy

The one thing I often tell people that being an Intersex person and someone who has Kallmann’s syndrome isn’t easy or glamorous that many people think it is. What’s worse is how many people in the liberal left and LGBT try to sexualize and fetishize my Intersex condition. Which often times disgust me because it’s perverting my medical condition and my plight at the expense of their delusional ideology. It’s why have have fought so hard and so damn long to keep Intersex community and my intersex condition out of the lands of the liberal left and the LGBT, who tries to sexualize and fetishize my intersex medical condition. I just don’t like it when liberals and the LGBT sexualize and fetishize my intersex condition and what it means to be Intersex.

It’s why many people try and piss me off when they use my Intersex condition to push their perverted ideology or even the transgender ideology at the expense of my intersex medical condition. That’s why I get pissed at the liberal left and LGBT when they use my Intersex condition to push their agenda at my expense. On top of that, as an Intersex person I often times get pissed when people try to fake, pretend and lie about being Intersex to a REAL intersex person. Many of these Transgender people try to lie, fake and pretend to be intersex because they think that being intersex would lend some kind of legitimacy to their fetish. When in reality it makes them look foolish because being intersex, you have to show physical/biological and genetic DNA signs of Intersex. in which Transgender people don’t show any signs of Intersex. It’s why it pisses me off as an intersex person when people fake, lie and pretend to be something they can never be.

That’s why for me as an Intersex person, it ain’t easy being an intersex person and dealing with my intersex condition because their are a whole host of health issues that is associated with an intersex condition. With mines, being that I have Kallmann’s syndrome of the Kal-1 version. I doubt people would want to deal with being congenitally deaf in one ear. Loosing your ability to smell everything around you. Not being able to reproduce or bear children. Even being at extra HIGH risk for Bone and heart issues. Even having an extra Chromosomes in your body that can mess you up in so many ways. On top of that having gynecomastia and a really small micropenis that you hardly ever notice being their. On top of all that, having the fact that your intersex condition makes you look 10 years younger than your actual age. Above all that, I doubt any of the liberal left or LGBT would want to deal with having Vitiligo on top of my Intersex condition and having white spots and white patches on your skin.

It just makes you wonder, why would anyone in the liberal left and the LGBT would want to associate, claim or identify with something that can literally harm and kill you. Why would they want to sexualize, fetishize or identify with something that can damage your body to the point of no return. In my case, i’m born intersex from birth and from the day I came into this world in a refugee camp. I’m always gona be Intersex and my Biology, DNA and Chromosomes is always gona say Intersex and Kallmann’s syndrome. I can’t change that and that’s the cards I’m dealt with and those are the cards I’m gona play with until the day they put me in cryonic suspension.

On top of all that, for me as an Intersex person, I don’t care for sex, gender or gender identity issues. Those are issues I don’t dare touch or go to because dealing with my Intersex condition is enough on my plate to deal with. To deal with sex, gender and gender identity issues, is something that would put me over the top, stress me out and would be a nightmare for me. It’s why medically, my doctor won’t even list me as male or female because it’s hard enough to deal with being Intersex, let alone dealing with trying to fit into the Male or female system. It’s easier on me because that way I am not pressured into the male or female system. For me, it’s why I tell people that, they can have all the sex, gender or gender identity issues. I just want to simply live and survive on this planet and deal with my intersex condition. I don’t want all that sex, gender or gender identity issues in my life.

It’s why many people who think being Intersex is easy or being intersex is a sex, gender or gender Identity. I’d be glad to let them have my medical condition and all the health issues that comes along with my medical condition. If they think being Intersex is easy, I’d be glad to let them try it and see what it feels like to be sterile, can’t reproduce, can’t hear, can’t smell and be at risk for bone and heart issues. The reality for me is that being Intersex is not easy as the LGBT and liberal left likes to think it is. It’s hard and often times, it’s full of land mines because my DNA determines alot of what I am at risk for as I get older and older.