A rare breed of Human being

What many people don’t know and how rare it is, is that I have two rare medical conditions and that’s pretty rare for many human beings on this planet. I am very rare as they come on this planet because I have Kallmann’s syndrome and Vitiligo. It’s very rare for someone to have to rare conditions that they are facing and dealing with on a daily basis. The fact that I have Kallmann’s syndrome and Vitiligo, I hold the unique distinction of being a person who has two or more rare diseases. It’s why I hold the distinction of being the only known person to be diagnosed with Kallmann’s syndrome and Vitiligo.

What makes me very unique is that I have Kallmann’s syndrome of the Kal-1 gene. It’s very rare because of the fact that in my version of Kallmann’s syndrome and being Intersex is that I can’t hear at all in one ear. I can’t smell anything at all. I have a very small micropenis that I barely notice being their. I have some breast development and above all, I am rendered sterile and can’t reproduce for the rest of my life. What makes me unique in all that is the fact that I’m neither male or female because I don’t care less about sex, gender or gender identity because it’s bad enough to deal with a rare medical condition and then have to deal with all the sex, gender or gender identity bullshit. I’m just simply trying to be human being and trying to deal with my rare condition without having that sex, gender or gender identity bullshit imposed on me. It’s why my doctors will never list me as either male or female because it would stress me out and instead i get to choose I how I want to be listed and what’s comfortable and stress free for me.

The other thing that makes me very unique is that I have Vitiligo, which is a disease that causes my skin to lose it’s pigmentation. Which means on my skin, I have blotches of white patch on my skin where the skin pigment loos it’s color. I have had Vitiligo for a very long time and no one ever noticed it until I was seen by a dermatologist. That’s when they told me my Vitiligo was really that bad. I have skin pigment loosing their color in all parts of the body including the genital area. It’s why because I have Vitiligo, I am one of the very few people who can legitimately wear makeup to cover up the Vitiligo. What’s nice about the fact that I have Vitiligo, is that I am in good company with very famous people who have it, such as Micheal Jackson who was diagnosed with Vitiligo. It’s why i’m fortunate that my Vitiligo has a very famous connection and a celebrity status.

It’s why being the only person known to have two rare medical conditions makes me very unique person. I’m very rare because I have Kallmann’s syndrome and Vitiligo. I’m also very rare that i’m one of the very few Intersex people to have two rare conditions. It’s why it makes me very unique that you hardly see another human being with two rare conditions in one body and it’s why I am often times studied by doctors, so they can learn more about me and why I have Kallmann’s Syndrome and Vitiligo. It’s why I am a very rare breed of Human being and I am very rare as they come.