Oh WOW, China just launched a 2nd Aircraft Carrier

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Wow, China just became the newest member of the exclusive Aircraft carrier club. They have even become one of the more exclusive clubs that can produce Aircraft Carriers. They now joined the Americans, British, French, Russian, Indian and Now China is one of the newest members that can build their own carriers.

The only thing is that China built a STOBAR carrier and that will limit them to Aircraft that have a High Thrust to weight ratio and that will limit their AWACS to Helicopters and limit their ability to have air refueling aircraft. That means, STOBAR Carriers are tied to Land based Air refueling support.

As a result, this should send Alarm bells to every defense minister in the Asian Pacific region. Now that China has a viable carrier Navy, every Asian Country will be on a massive defense buying spree, just to counter China’s Carrier Navy. I can bet you, within 6 months to a year, you can see every Asian countries buying everything from Anti Ship Cruise Missiles, Corvettes, FAC’s, Frigates, Aircraft and even SSK Submarines just to counter China’s Carrier Navy. China’s new Aircraft carrier alone will spark a massive Asian Arms Race.