Rudeness in Connecticut

What the hell is up with people in Connecticut? It seems like people in Connecticut act very rude, snobbish and often times very mean to one another. I have seen it today coming home from work where some rude asshole tried to run me off the road and this idiot thinks he owns the road. Somehow I think this kind of mentality came from New York or the Gold Coast of Connecticut. It really pissed me off because how rude people can be in Connecticut.

It seems like in Connecticut, people are becoming very snobbish, rude and often times very mean to one another. I suspect it’s the fact that people from New York are bringing that kind of mentality into Connecticut and people in Connecticut are picking up on the New York Mentality. That’s why in Connecticut, I am seeing snobbish drivers in Connecticut and often times you really have to defend yourself to the point of having to take a weapon and defend against these snobbish drivers.

It’s why I use to like my state of Connecticut but the way people have become nowadays, makes me feel like this state is not the same as it once was. Makes me wish I can jump ship out of Connecticut and go somewhere else. I have hopes and dreams of leaving Connecticut and moving to states that are more tax friendly and cost friendly such as Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina or Texas. I’m trying to get out and after seeing what people have done here in Connecticut. It’s making me think long and hard about staying in the state, when people treat others like shit.