Why Intersex Groups don’t exist anymore

As an Intersex person who has Kallmann’s syndrome, I come to notice why their are no ACTUAL Intersex groups for Intersex/DSD people like myself. This dawned upon me today when I was taking a shower and thinking about why Intersex groups don’t exist anymore. It got me thinking because many of the now defunct Intersex groups like ISNA have all been shut down by the porny Transgender cult who is hell bent on using Intersex people and their Intersex condition to justify their warped fetish at the expense of Real Intersex people like myself.

Their are two reasons why Intersex people like myself who don’t have a viable organization that is set up purely for Intersex people. It mainly boils down to this, It’s either the Trans community has hijacked and co-opted the Intersex community or that their are some intersex people who have caved into the trans and simply became a front shell for the trans community. The first one, I have noticed is how so may their are so many Intersex communities that once existed in the past but no longer exist anymore. That is mainly because the porny transgender or often times the LGBT community has successfully hijacked and co-opted spaces and organizations that are set up for Intersex people only. Which pushes out people who are actually Intersex and allows in those who fake, lie and pretend to be intersex.

The other, I have seen how so many other known Intersex people who have simply caved into the Transcult’s warped ideology and simply bowed down to them and allowed them to run all over the Intersex community. I have seen many of the well known intersex people who have caved into and bowed into the pressures of the Transcult’s warped ideology, which is mainly anti-science and anti-reality ideology. Many of these well known Intersex people, I have seen online have simply sold out other intersex people, mainly in order to placate or play nice with the transcult at the expense of Intersex people.

It’s why as an Intersex person, I have often times see how Intersex organizations come and go. They either collapses under pressure or are hijacked/co-opted by the Trans and LGBT cult who is hell being on sexualizing and fetishizing Intersex people. It’s why many Intersex people like myself don’t organize into an Intersex organization because of the fact that you have idiot Trans and queer people who will try to co-opt and hijack any intersex organization and destroy it. I have seen many good Intersex organizations come and go, mainly because the Trans have simply invaded it and destroyed it by making it all about them and not mainly about Intersex people. I have even seen some try to latch on to the Intersex community in order to gain some type of legitimacy or justification for their fetish.

That’s why Intersex people like myself who don’t want to do anything with the LGBT and try our hardest to distance themselves from the LGBT community and the Trans community. We fight so hard to keep the Trans out of the Intersex community, mainly because we are trying to protect vulnerable Intersex kids from the pressures of Trans community who is hell bent on sexualizing and forcing SRS on vulnerable Intersex kids.

It’s why as an Intersex person and an Intersex activist, I won’t organize an Intersex group, mainly because I fear that the trans community will hijack any Intersex group I create. So instead, I will still fight and speak up for Intersex people when Intersex people don’t have a voice or they need a true Intersex person’s voice.