Why the job market sucks if you have a disability

The one thing I learned in the working working world and trying to break into the working world is that, if you have a disability or a medical condition of any kind. Your chances of finding meaningful work is slim to none. Being an Intersex person who is deaf in one ear and has vitiligo, it get’s very tough to find work. Not a lot of places are willing to take a chance on someone who has a disability and most places will reject my application, once they see my vitiligo on my hands. It’s why not many places want someone who has medical issues. It’s why I learned the job market is a brutal bitch and especially in Connecticut. It’s tough when you have a disability and not many places want to take a chance on someone who’s disabled.

It’s why I am seriously contemplating on going to graduate school and get my Masters Degree in Nursing or Social Work and then look for a good paying job. It’s tough when you have a bachelors degree and not many places want to hire you and especially in Connecticut as well. It’s why I think the Job Market here sucks and I should have done what many people did, such as moved out and moved to another state to find work.