Holy Crap, CNN just went down the toilet here


Holy crap, is this how Democrats, liberals and the Mainstream media thinks of the American Voting public. If that’s the case, I don’t know how can any harden Liberal or democrat defend this shit, coming from the mainstream media. Its clear that people like Project Veritas and James O’Keefe is exposing the Mainstream media for who they are. Which is a propaganda machine for the Democrat Party.

What’s even more shocking is how CNN was caught selective editing out pro trump from a panel that CNN conducted. It’s clear that CNN wanted to edit out pro trump because they were being paid by the Democrats and the liberal elites in this country. It just seems like CNN is just trying to paint a distorted view that Trump voters are uninformed. So they selectively edit out what that Trump voter said and that’s flatly wrong because he cited his source and CNN didn’t like it because it didn’t fit their narrative or their Democrat liberal views.

The biggest shocker of all is how that producer from CNN who called the American voting public, idiots and “Stupid as shit” If this is how the Mainstream Media views the American Voting public, then they clearly need to be purged and need to be taken to task for who they are. The American Voting public ain’t stupid and they can clearly see all the smoke and mirrors the Democrats, liberals and the Mainstream media is trying to peddle to people.

What’s clear is that people like Project Veritas and James O’keefe are on a roll here and are exposing the Mainstream Media for who they are. I hope they clean out the liberal media and the Democrat party for who they are. What’s clear is that CNN and for that Matter the entire American media establishment fail to report the FACTS. Which is why media in America is dead and died when Trump came into office.

Here’s the tweet that sent shockwaves to the American media

And that sucking sound you hear is CNN’s creditability going out the window and down the toilet.

Source: American Pravda Part 3: CNN Selectively Edits, Hates Trump, and Think Voters Are Stupid | Project Veritas