Why I am so brutal as an Intersex person

If people ever wonder why I am so hard and so brutal on the Intersex community and I defend the Intersex community so damn hard? It’s mainly because Intersex people have been assaulted, co-opted and hijacked so much from all sides such as the Liberals, LGBTQ and even the porny trans community as well. On top of that, Intersex people have to deal with so many people who are fakes, frauds and liars. We have to deal with so much from the trans community who likes to fake, lie, pretend and claim to be Intersex. Many times we get people who try to claim to be intersex but can’t even prove it no matter how hard they try or they can’t even back up what they say or claim.

As an Intersex/DSD person who has Kallmann’s syndrome, I’m very protective of my Intersex/DSD condition mainly because It took me so long for me to be validated as an Intersex/DSD person from the Mass General Hospital and the National Institutes of Health. The fact is I am one of the few Intersex/DSD people who’s DNA Karyotype is on file with the Mass General Hospital and the National Institutes of Health. Which means anyone in Academic or medical research can find my DNA Karyotype for research. Also, I am one of the very few Intersex/DSD people who is physically and biologically verified to be Intersex/DSD by the Mass General Hospital and the National Institutes of Health.

When you have someone or some stupid trans/LGBT or queer who tries to claim to be intersex and can’t even back up with citable sources or facts. It makes me feel pissed off and makes me feel irritated that someone is trying to claim something that they can’t even cite or back up with reliable FACTS. It makes me feel like they are cheapening my experience and what it really means to grow up Intersex.

What I often tell people is that intersex/DSD is not a sex, gender or gender Identity that anyone can claim. It’s a medical condition that your born with and you have to meet a specific guidelines that is set out by medical scientist. If you don’t meet those requirements such as a DNA Karyotype or showing actual physiological and biological signs of Intersex. Then you don’t get the right to call yourself Intersex. For me, I have every right to say I am Intersex because I have verified DNA Karyotype proof from Mass General Hospital and the National Institutes of Health. Even I have physiological and biological signs such as a very small micropenis, Ambiguous genitals and gynecomastia.

It’s why as an Intersex/DSD person, I’m always on a wartime footing when it comes to defending intersex because too many times I have seen people who lie, fake and pretend to be Intersex without any shred of proof or citable facts. I have seen trans who go around passing themselves off as Intersex people and trying to claim they are intersex without any citable facts to backup their claims. It’s why I am always very brutal to people because of the fact that you have idiots who like to claim to be something without showing any proof or having any citable facts to back up their claims.