Liberals at CNN are having a temper tantrum over this 

It seems like the liberals over at CNN aka the fake news network are having a temper tantrum like a two year old over what president Trump tweeted about them. They are having a crybaby meltdown over what our president tweeted. Here’s the tweet that the liberals are crying over about;

It just goes to show that the Liberal Media is all fake and no facts. It’s why President Donald Trump is hitting back at CNN aka Fake News Network and I hope he hit’s back at the Liberal media and the Fake news that the liberal media is trying to peddle to people.

It seriously goes to show how melodramatic the Liberals and Liberal Media is over a WWE wrestling match. It just shows that Liberalism is a mental illness and a serious danger to democracy and freedoms in this country. Liberals in this country seriously need to be locked up and never let out into society.