My Moment

There are moments that one lives for
Ones that brings out the best in all of us
Ones that makes us shine
and shows the world the best in all us

These moments are something worth living for
when we know we can come through in a pinch
and prove time and time again that these are
the moments that make us the best at who we are

It’s moments like this that show everyone who we are
what were made of
and what we can do when the chips are down
It truly shows what were capable of

What we can do when times are tough
What were truly made of
What accomplishments we have done
What we are when we rise up to the challenge

This is why I live for the moment
and live for the time when I can
Truly shine and show the world
What I am made of to everyone

The world is my stage at my feet
and it’s my moment to show the world
what I am made of and what I am capable of
So the world needs to know it’s my Moment to shine
and I’m about ready to prove it to the world.