Frigate competition wide open: US Navy specs reveal major design shift

So now the freaking US Navy wants a Fully Functioning Multi role frigate, after how many times they tried to shoehorn the LCS into the Frigate Role. It was clear from the start that the LCS was and is going to be a HUGE disaster in the making. It was never intended to replace the Perry class frigates and it was never gona be a true frigate. The fact that the LCS was not clearly designed to replace the Frigate and in reality the LCS was designed to replace the Mine Counter measure ships and Coastal Patrol ships. The fact that the LCS had so many issues that it could never survive modern combat, let alone a anti ship cruise missile strike.

So now that that the US Navy is looking at getting a REAL Frigate and getting away from the POS LCS, I have Several frigate designs that are worth the Interest in the US Navy and that the US Navy should seriously consider;

1.The FREMM Frigate.

I seriously think the French version of the FREMM Frigate would make a viable Frigate for the US Navy. It’s modern, up to date and it’s currently in service. The FREMM Frigate has two versions, the French version, which is a fully functioning frigate and the Italian version, which is a Destroyer. It’s why the French version should be seriously considered by the US Navy as a frigate replacement.


2. Fridtjof Nansen-class frigate

The Fridtjof Nansen-class frigate is another Frigate, I think should be heavily considered for the US Navy. That’s mainly because the Fridtjof Nansen-class frigate is already equipped with Aegis Combat System, which would keep the Aegis Mafia very happy. It’s also one of my Favorite frigates, that i’d like to see with the US Navy as well


  1. The Incheon Class frigate

The other frigate worth considering is the Incheon class frigate in the Batch 2 from South Korea. The Batch 1 would be a patrol frigate without the VLS, where as the Batch 2, has VLS and is what the US navy should seriously consider. The Batch 2 of the Incheon class Frigate has a crew size of 140 and would make it very easy on the US Navy.


  1. The Valour class frigate & the Meko A-200AN

Now the Valour Class Frigate and the MEKO A-200AN is a frigate worth considering mainly because has waterjet that would keep the Surface warfare Navy very happy and it’s currently in production right now, being produced for Algeria

SAS_Amatola_03_2010 (1).JPG

  1. SIGMA Frigate

The SIGMA frigate is another option to consider, mainly because of the fact that DAMEN Shipyards already has the foot in the door with the USCG and the USN can piggy back off the USCG and get DAMN to build them a SIGMA Frigate for them.


  1. The US Coast Guard’s National Security cutter design

In my Opinion, this would be the very easiest frigate replacement the US navy can go for. It’s already in production with the US Coast Guard and it’s in service as the Legend class Cutters. All the US Navy has to do is place the order and keep the production line going. They can mount off the shelf weapons and systems such as Towed and hull mounted Sonar. Install 8 to 16 cell VLS, with ESSM, ASROC and tactical tomahawk. they can even mount CEFAR radar or APAR or a lighter version Aegis combat system of  as well. It’s why In my Opinion, the upgunned NSC frigate is logical and it’s in production in the US and it’s a Frigate that the US Navy seriously needs.


It’s why the Frigates I have listed here are all worth the US Navy’s attention, mainly because they are the kinds of Frigates the US Navy needs and would keep the Surface warfare community very happy. Notice I didn’t list the British Type 26 Global Combat ship. That is because it’s not in production and it’s only on paper.

In my Opinion, the French version of the FREMM Frigate would be my very first choice, follow by the  Fridtjof Nansen-class frigate and the last resort would be the US Coast Guard’s National Security cutter aka Legend class frigate.

Source: Frigate competition wide open: US Navy specs reveal major design shift