Frigates Are making a Back!

War is Boring has an interesting article on why Frigates are making a HUGE Come back in the US Navy. That’s mainly because the POS LCS is undergunned, and too lightly armed to do it’s missions. It’s why after so many years of dealing with the POS LCS, the US Navy is finally coming to it’s senses that the POS LCS is not living up to what the US Navy paid for and even LCS critics like myself has always said the LCS is too overhyped for a changing world.

I’ve always said, the US Navy’s next frigate, is gona be either the US Coast Guard’s upgunned National Security Cutter design, the French version of the FREMM frigate or Norway’s Fridtjof Nansen frigate Class frigate. It’s gona have to be a frigate that can defend itself and still fight the enemy, independently.

It’s why I have always said, the LCS was never meant to replace the Perry class Frigates. The LCS was only meant to replace the PC and MCM ships and the US Navy didn’t have a Clear replacement for the Perry class frigates.

Source: Frigates Are Back! | War Is Boring