Tucker Carlson exposes the gender scam

What can you say, people are slowly starting to wake up and smell the coffee on this one. They are seeing how this Trans and queer crap is messing up society and at the same time they are exposing how the Trans and queer community is using Intersex people like myself to push their perverted Agenda at the expense of Intersex people like myself. It’s why my Intersex story is a good example for people to see why being Intersex is not easy and not the same as being Trans.

The only issue I have here is how Tucker Carlson doesn’t understand how tiny the Intersex community is and what it REALLY means to be Intersex. That is Intersex is not a Sex, gender or gender Identity. Intersex is really a Medical condition that your born with. On top of that many Intersex people don’t have a biological sex and largely listed as Biological indeterminate sex.

It’s why it’s great that Tucker Carlson on Fox news is exposing the Trans scam and the scam of using Intersex people like me to push their perverted trans dogma. I hope people wake up and smell the coffee on this one.