Stupid liberals want to do away with Algebra

Eloy Ortiz Oakley, the chancellor of the California Community Colleges system, wants to kick loose the requirement of algebra for non-STEM majors.

Can you Imagine, a state in America that wants to do away with Algebra, all because the people of color and first generation, can’t even pass a simple basic Algebra class. What’s happening here is that you have some Community College system in California of all places, wants to do away with Algebra because in their warped liberal mind, Algebra is racist towards people of color and first generation college students.

The fact here is, Algebra is required, if you want to learn Calculus, Trig or Stats in college. It’s even required for STEM majors like Science, technology, Engineering and Math. Even in the Health care fields, Algebra is required before you can go on to any advance classes. Without learning Algebra, these people will not be able to learn to think critically, which is required in the real world. To think that eliminating Algebra is gona help people of color and first generation college students succeed is wishful thinking and is gona set them up for Miserable failure in life. It’s plainly stupid how this California Community college system thinks of this crap. It’s why if the California Community college system decides to eliminate Algebra in their degree system, then their college degrees should be worth nothing more than a GED.

The reality here is that Algebra is basically required from High school to college. It forces you to learn to think critically and in terms of Abstract. People use Algebra in everyday lives and if this dumb, stupid California Community college system thinks you don’t need Algebra, then I think employers shouldn’t hire college grads from the California Community college system. It’s why Algebra is simply the building blocks on how you think and if people can’t grasp the concepts of Algebra, then they need to find a better math teacher.

Source: Say Goodbye To X+Y: Should Community Colleges Abolish Algebra? : NPR Ed : NPR