On this day in Connecticut History

Would ya believe today on July 21 2017 is the 28th anniversary of one the most infamous lows in Music History. If you’re not a fan of History of any kind, I am gona give ya the low down on what went down at Lake Compounce in Bristol Connecticut in July 21 1989.

It was July 21 1989 at Lake Compounce in Bristol Connecticut. Club MTV at the time was running a concert series and made a stop in Bristol Connecticut. At that time in 1998, Milli Vanilli were at the top of the charts at the time and were a big hit back then. In 1989, this was all before social media, facebook and twitter.

What happened was, Milli Vanilli was singing , Girl you know it’s true and all the sudden the autotune started to skip as they were singing and right on stage, in front of all their fans and concert goers, they got caught Lip syncing and it became an overnight scandal that went viral after that. Afterwards, they lost everything and became the face of lip syncing. As for Lake Compounce, it became the place that ended the music careers of Milli Vanilli and exposed the Music industries lip syncing scandal.

As they say, the rest was history and afterwards, whenever a music artist get’s caught lip syncing, they now associate with the fact they pulled the Milli Vanilli on people