No US Military service for Transgender people

Just like that, our president has rolled back one of the worst Mistakes President Obama has done to this country. I simply think it was and still is a stupid idea to allow Transgender people to serve in the US Military. It simply would undermine our readiness and our operations worldwide. On top of that the Medical cost required to care for them would be too much for the US Military to handle. It’s basically this, the Military is Flat broke, because they spent way too much money on needless programs like the F-35 and the Littoral Combat ship. We don’t have any money left to allow Trans in the MIlitary and pay for the medical care. If we didn’t have that disastrous Obamacare, I would even entertain the idea of trans in the US Military, but for now we are flat broke.

What’s nice for me is that i’m the only known Intersex person who is really allowed to serve in the United States Coast Guard as an Auxiliary member and I am not subjected to the DoD’s rules and regulations. I’m the only Intersex person who serves openly and contribute my part for this country and the defense of the Nation. It’s why as an Intersex person who is serving in the United States Coast Guard, I get to do my part and get to show that being Intersex is not a barrier to serving in the US Military.

Getting ready to do som VSC's for the USCG #uscg #uscgaux

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And you can see I do serve in the US Coast Guard as an Auxiliary member and as the only known Intersex person in the US Coast Guard.