Why dating and relationships sucks if your Intersex

In my lifetime on this planet, there have been many things I have missed out on this planet. Mainly of course I missed out of the many things I should have done such as having a career, a wife, family, and a stable home. Instead, I missed out many of those things, mainly because being an Intersex person who has Kallmann’s syndrome. One of the most important things I missed out on life the most is the fact that I don’t date, have a girlfriend or in a relationship. I missed out on that part of life, mainly because having an intersex condition such as Kallmann’s syndrome, makes dating and a relationship and barrier that I will never cross, while i’m on this planet.

Why I missed out on dating and relationships is mainly because many women have looked at me as being too young looking for them. Many women have skipped pass me mainly because I look to young for them and that I look way younger than my actual age. On top of that, having a micropenis makes having sex virtually impossible for me and excludes me the chances of having a kid in the future. When it comes to myself, I don’t act like the typical normal man or normal woman. Even when it comes to dressing up, I don’t dress like a normal man or normal woman. I try to dress gender neutral as much as I can. The real reason why I miss out on Dating and Relationships is mainly because as an Intersex person, i’m largely hidden and no one notices me until I make a noise.

Which is why, when it comes to dating and relationships, I doubt women on this planet would want to deal with someone who’s born with an Intersex condition and has so many medical issues such as being born deaf in one ear, being sterile, having a micropenis and ambiguous genitals and even having some breast development. Taken all that, it largely puts me out of the dating and relationship pool and makes me invisible because of my medical issues and being excluded from everything that is normal on this planet. It’s why because of all my issues I have to deal with in life, dating and relationships are something that’s never gona happen in my lifetime on this planet.

It’s why to this day at a ripe old age of 41 yrs old, I am still single as an Intersex person. I’ve managed to this day stay largely single because of my Intersex condition and largely be ignored in the dating and relationship pool. It’s why after 40, I completely stopped trying to pass this dating and relationship barrier because I come to realize that it’s not in my cards or my future. I know it’s never gona happen no matter how hard I try to get into the dating and relationship pool. I know that not many women are willing to overlook my Intersex condition and my medical issues. It’s also why being disabled, disabled people have a hard time breaking into the dating and relationship scene and are largely pushed out because they are not normal.

Which is why I don’t date or have a girlfriend and I’m largely excluded from the dating and relationship pool. I know it ain’t gona happen anytime soon and I doubt it’s gona happen in the near future. It’s why, when I watch others who are into dating and having a girlfriend or a boyfriend, I often get jealous that as an Intersex person, i’m missing out on that part of life I should have and could have done but I’m not. Oh well, maybe in my next life, things will be normal for me.