The price of speaking the truth

If you have heard very recently, some former Google employee by the name of James Damore got sacked by Google for speaking the truth on the sham and scam of diversity and inclusion. Now I agree that Google and the whole entire Silicon Valley has a problem with Diversity because they like to be inclusive but then again, they tend to exclude those whose views they find abhorrent.

The fallacy here is, that how can people claim to be so diverse and inclusive when they clearly exclude those who has views that are different from those and isn’t the idea of being diverse and inclusive means having people from many points of views other than those who agree with you or for that matter disagree with you. It just makes wonder the idea that anyone who wants to claim to be diverse and inclusive, but then exclude those whose views, beliefs and opinions seem very shallow and very hollow. How can companies like Google and Silicon valley say they champion for diversity and inclusion but then turn around only hire those who espouse their ideals. That to me, is not diversity and inclusion and instead is promoting socialism.

Which is why what James Damore did recently is expose the raw and ugly truth about Google and Silicon Valley’s so called diversity sham and scam. He exposed how Diversity and inclusion is nice and all but then you simply exclude those who have opposing views and opinion. What he basically ripped into Google and Silicon Valley, is how they like to claim they are diverse and inclusive but if you don’t agree to the views that we espouse, then we are gona shun you. That to me, means that Google and Silicon Valley’s so called diversity plan is nothing more than a scam because they basically are saying they are willing to hire and employ anyone who espouses their democrat & liberal line of thinking and exclude anyone who doesn’t espouse their view.

In my Opinion, if that’s what Google and Silicon Valley view as being diverse and inclusive, then to me they are fooling only themselves because how can they claim to be very diverse, inclusive but then again only hire those who espouse their left leaning democrat ideology. They claim they say they are open to all views but when they fired James Damore, it just basically rips apart their whole scam on what it means to be very diverse and inclusive. It just says that Google and Silicon Valley is only diverse and inclusive only if you agree with their ideology. Which means that they are not as diverse and inclusive as they claim to be and are really scamming people into believing that Silicon valley is diverse and inclusive.

In the end, I have to hand it to James Damore for exposing Google and Silicon Valley’s so called diversity scam and how they claim to be diverse but don’t hire anyone from all sides regardless of views and Opinions. I simply think James Damore exposed a flaw in Silicon Valley’s Diversity scam and how flawed their diversity really is.  I also think James Damore did alot to expose how bias Social media companies like Google is towards conservatives and anyone with opposing views.

It’s why you can’t have any bias if you claim to be very diverse and inclusive. If your idea of diversity doesn’t include diversity of opinion, then you’re really doing diversity very wrong.

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