Charlottesville Riots

At least one person was killed and 19 others were injured Saturday when a car rammed into a group of counter-protesters during the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va.

I think the US Military should come in and put down this rebellion. The ANTIFA domestic terrorist groups have gone too far and I seriously think the FEDS should put it’s heavy weight down on the ANTIFA sissies and start charging them with 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES. That alone would put down the ANTIFA domestic terrorist group and every Leftist, liberal group in this country and start tossing them in Federal prison where they belong.

Source: One dead, 19 injured after car plows into protesters during clashes at ‘Unite the Right’ rally | Fox News

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