So much for freedom of speech in the UK

Seriously, What the bloody hell is wrong with the British people these days. It seems like in the UK, you can be arrested for misgendering someone or deadnaming someone. It seems like Liberalism has run wild and overrun the UK. I don’t know what’s in the UK waters these days and whatever the hell they are drinking on, they need to stop before it destroys them. Though seriously, whatever the heck is going on the UK, it seems like they are a lost cause country and America has become the beacon for freedom.

It seems what’s happening is that UK trans mob is using the government, and the UK the Police to go after anyone in the UK who misgenders them on twitter or online It also seems like the UK cops are wasting their damn time instead of going after criminals, they are going after anyone who offends their specially protected class aka the LGBT. It’s why I find it so shocking that the UK police would violate someone’s freedom of speech rights

What happened is that some UK Trans went to the police to complain about someone misgendering them and getting their fragile feelings hurt, over the fact that this UK trans is a Dude. This UK trans with the help of Hertfordshire Police arrested this women on the grounds of hate speech, which in find so damn laughable. What happened afterwards, the UK cops arrested this mother, threw her in jail for speaking freely and speaking the Truth. Which I find very shocking that the Hertfordshire Police is gona arrest someone for hate speech. It makes you shake your damn heads and wonder, have the British people lost their damn minds and damn common sense.

After reading this damn article, I am very glad I live in the United states of America where we have the US Constitution and the 1st amendment rights. I’m glad we Americans don’t have to deal with the crap that’s going on in the UK. I’m glad I don’t have to face the fear of being thrown in a UK jail over hate speech because they will NEVER do that in America because speech no matter how hateful and disgusting it is, it’s protected by the 1st amendment. I simply feel so damn sorry for those who live in the UK, who can’t speak freely and facing the threat of the british cops arresting them for hate speech.

It just makes me glad and thank Buddha that I live in America and where I can speak freely and I am protected by the United States Constitution, which I swore to uphold and defend. It’s why what your see going on in Europe, I am glad they never impose that here in America because if they did, it would all out civil war, all over again here. Though it is shocking to see that Freedom of speech is eroding in the UK and that the United States of America is the land of the Free and home of the BRAVE.

Source: Mother is arrested in front of her children after calling a transgender woman a man | Daily Mail Online