Author: Nicky

Why are their not any Intersex nude models

One thing as an an Intersex person and a Nudist that often bothers me and dogs me the most, is I often wonder why their is no Intersex person who is also a Nude Model. It seems like in the Nudist community and the Nude art community, their are normal biological men and biological women who do nude modeling all the time. They show off their normal naked bodies to people all the time and no one bats an eye. It makes me wonder why Intersex people are not visible in the Nude modeling scene and not promoting nude body acceptance to Intersex people and the public.

It makes me wonder as a Nudist, if they can accept a naked biological man and a naked biological woman. How come they won’t accept an Intersex person as a Nude model. Is that Nude modeling is only for biological men and biological women? Or is it that Intersex bodies are disgusting that people don’t want to see an intersex body that is naked and with all their deformities. Could it be that society is not ready to accept an Intersex person as a Nude model because their body and genitals do not conform to normal society expectations.

It just seems to be a bit of hypocritical when the Nudist community often talks about body acceptance and body tolerance, when it comes to normal biological men and biological women. When it comes to Intersex people and Intersex bodies, no one in the Nudist community never talks about accepting intersex bodies and showing what an Intersex body looks like when it’s completely naked. No one talks about how intersex people can accept their body and instead, Intersex people are told to hide their bodies. It’s why I sometimes wonder why their is no intersex person who is paving the way for intersex body acceptance.

It just makes me wonder as an Intersex person and a Nudist because in the Nudist community and Nude art community, all I see is normal Naked biological men and naked biological women but I don’t see naked bodies that are in-between men and women. It just makes me wonder and think, is the Nudist community or Nude art community not ready for a Nude Intersex model or are they damn as hell scared of showing what an Nude Intersex body really looks like? I suspect they are and I suspect they are trying to hide naked Intersex bodies because it’s not pleasing to the eyes.

It’s a shame because if the Nudist community is all about body acceptance and body tolerance for all, then they should be actively promoting nude body acceptance and  body tolerance for all Natural bodies, including Nude Intersex bodies as well. It’s a dog gone shame that no one has the balls to step up to the plate and demand that Naked intersex bodies be accepted like everyone else.

Gives Royal Bad ass a whole new meaning


His Majesty King Abdullah II and Prince Hussein gives bad ass a whole new meaning.  Makes the British royal family look like a bunch of pussies.

I can really imagine an instructor in Jordanian military unit showing this video to the students and asking “If our King, who has other things to do in life, can shoot like that, why can’t you?”

This picture is taking THUG LIFE to a whole new level here. Sec Mad Dog Mattis needs to up his game, if he wants to play with the Jordanian royals. I think the makers of Call of Duty need to take a PAGE or a lesson from the Jordanian Royal Family.

As far as the Prince’s Shotgun skills, Let’s roll on this one and I think Dick Cheney has some serious competition here.

You can see the King has a fondess for his MCX and still is able to keep his special forces skills sharp and intact. I can forgive the king for his chicken wing shooting style but that’s old school for him and he has the Badass to pass for it.

Crowder confronts a violent extremist trans

This is a prime example of how violent and extremist the trans community is and thanks to Steven Crowder, he’s able to confront one example of a violent trans and call her out for who she is and they had the galls to call the cops on Steven crowder and instead Steven flipped it against the extremist trans and filed a criminal complaint against this Trans.

It’s damn well good that Steven Crowder is taking them to task and exposing their violent extremist for who they are and especially the violent trans for who they are as well. These violent trans like to claim they are peaceful but in reality have a violent streak that borders on terrorism. I’m glad that people like Steven crowder is exposing them for who they are.