Lockheed’s F-21


It looks like the F-16 grew up and became the F-21 that Lockheed is pushing for India. It’s a damn shame the USAF didn’t push for the upgraded F-16 as well. The F-21 is what Lockheed is pushing India to buy what is essentially an upgraded F-16 with all the technology that comes from the F-35.

So basically the Lockheed F-21 is basically the F-16V on steroids.

Documentary on Lao People’s Army Air force’s new YAK-130.

Here’s Documentary on Lao People’s Army Air force Yak-130.

Here’s Details on Lao Air force’s new Yak-130 Advanced jet trainer/Light attack.

I’m still glad that Laos got back into the Jet age with the Yak-130 and I firmly believe that the Yak-130 will be a stepping stone for either the MIG-35 or the JF-17. I’d give Lao People’s Army Air force 5 to 10 years to build up a cadre and skill sets before they can move on to the MIG-35 or JF-17.  Although at least the Yak-130 can give Laos something to stand on.