Sissy Liberal group Code Pink targets JROTC groups

Are your FREAKING Kidding me here, Code pink targets JROTC because they believe in their warped mental delusional mind that they think JROTC promotes militarism and violence. No wonder why the liberal group, Code pink is a bunch of used up old women with nothing to do but whine, complain and have a temper tantrum like a 2 yr old. JROTC is a great value to High schools and they promote leadership and gives people opportunities that they would not get elsewhere. This is why I think Code pink is a POS and a JOKE.

Sen Ted Cruz grilling Social media over Freedom of Speech

It looks like Social media companies are having their day of reckoning with Sen Ted Cruz.  I’m not surprise if Sen Ted Cruz and Congress, takes on Social media companies who routinely violate freedom of speech rights in this country and suppresses Conservative speech. I would not be shocked if Social media companies are forced by congress to comply with FCC and Public utility commission laws.

China’s version of US Navy Seals

Drink In boys

Looks like Chinese Navy wants to Imitate the US Navy Seals

Those damn Asian’s are trying to replace us and be us. You wonder why the US Military is trying to rebuild in the face of a growing Chinese Military.

The good thing about that is let them have at it with Africa and the Middle East and let them find out what the World has been through. I’d say let China have some pain that Europe and America has experienced in the past. Let the get back to America when they feel the same Pain that America goes though.