Social media alternatives for Conservatives & Independents

Since President Trump has been elected, the Social media companies such as Youtube, Facebook, twitter and Google have all been on a rampage silencing dissent and blocking people from espousing their First Amendment rights to Freedom of speech. They’ve actually block, suspended and even banned people who don’t espouse their liberal authoritarian views. Which to me goes against what it means to be free and have free speech rights in this country. It’s why their are sites that are popping up that are fast becoming Alternatives to Youtube, Facebook, twitter and Google. That’s because they are silencing Freedom of speech and silencing anyone who disagrees with their view. Which is why I am gona list below the alternatives to the mainstream social media sites that promote freedom of speech and won’t silence you from speaking your opinions and beliefs.

So here are the list of alternative social media sites that allow you to speak your mind without being censored, block, or suspended.


Diaspora* is another alternative to Facebook that I use as a Backup incase they block and suspend me again. It’s my backup in case incases Facebook, Google plus or twitter goes down. So you can follow me on Diaspora* and use it as an insurance back up.


Another Twitter back up and an alternative to Twitter is GAB. GAB is quickly becoming the prefered alternative to Twitter and for people who value Freedom of Speech and value their views, opinions and beliefs. I am on GAB because GAB is fast becoming my twitter back up when I want to speak my mind and speak without being censored. Here’s the Link to GAB and Everyone should give it a try.


MEWE is another social media back up that is gaining traction because people don’t like their data being used by 3rd party people and many people value their privacy as well. I like MEWE mainly that I can say things very privately among friends and I don’t have to worry about being censored for expressing my view points. is another Facebook alternative where I am seeing promise as a viable alternative and a true backup for Facebook and Google Plus. What I like about is that you can post things without fear or censorship or being blocked. Minds has become my primary backup and it has become my alternative incase Facebook and Google plus decides to block conservative or libertarian speech. It’s why I think people should try and you can see it’s a facebook back up.


Vimeo in another youtube back up in case you can’t get stuff posted on Youtube and where Youtube starts hiding your videos and demonitizing them. I use Vimeo when I want to post things I know I can’t post on Youtube and watch videos that would normally not be allowed on Youtube.


IMO, Dailymotion has become a prefered backup to Youtube. That’s mainly because Dailymotion is France based and is not Subject to US laws and is subject to French laws. Which is great because of the fact that many people who try to post videos, get blocked and censored. It’s why I think DailyMotion is a great alternative to Youtube.

Which is why I firmly believe that these places are great as an alternative to the mainstream social media sites that have been on a rampage of silencing, blocking and banning conservatives, libertarians and independent thought. It’s why I started using them as a backup to all the Primary ones and it’s why I use them in case Facebook, twitter and Google plus decides to block me from speaking my mind.



The price of looking young

The one thing I talked about with my doctor yesterday being born with Kallmann’s Syndrome and being Intersex is the fact that I look way too much younger than my age. At 41 yrs old and being an Asian American and an Intersex person, I look way younger looking than my age. I am often times mistaken for being a 25 yr old in a 41 yr old body. Being able to look younger than your age has many perks and benefits but it often does come with a heavy price that I pay dearly for.

The biggest thing I pay for looking young at my age is the fact that I often times have people think I look way too young to be doing things. When people see me and don’t know how old I am, I am oftentimes assumed to be way younger than my actual age. Many times people often assume that I am 25 yrs old and when I reveal how old I am, people get shocked and often wonder how I can look so young at 41 yrs old. Often times the shock comes from women because women in society try everything in vain to look forever young but often fall short. For me, being that I have Kallmann’s Syndrome and an Intersex condition, I have the ability to look young no matter how old I am.

It’s why the downside of looking so young at my age is that people don’t take me very seriously as a person. People think and assume, that I am way too young to handle any job or leadership position. Being younger looking than my age, people often times ignore what I have to say or what my opinions are because they think I am not old enough to speak my mind. On the worst side of looking young, when it comes to dating, sex, and relationships, many biological women have skipped over me, all because I look way younger than my age and they think they are dating a young adult or a teenager. It’s why I don’t date and I stopped looking for a relationship.

Even when it comes to the workplace, looking younger than your age is very detrimental on me. That is because many times when I apply for work or interview for a job. Many Hiring people will skip over me or past over me because I look too young looking for the job and some think I look too young to be working for them. It’s why not many places I tried to apply for work, won’t give me a chance because I look way younger looking than my age and some employers think and assume I am way too young for them.

It even extended when I was in college as well. being younger looking than my age in college, was often very hard on me because when people found out how old I was. People have excluded me from playing sports, being part of a campus club or leading a group. It put a damper on my college experience because of the fact that on top of my Intersex condition, being deaf in one ear made me feel like I was being left out of all the normal college experiences. Which is why my College experience was not normal like everyone else and mine was largely excluded and doing my own thing.

It’s why, when it comes to trying to speak on an issue that is happening in society, many times people think I am way too young to speak up or that my views or opinions don’t matter because I look way to young for my age. It’s why I don’t speak up as much because society has this assumption that I am way too young to speak up and won’t even recognize my views, opinions and beliefs. It’s also why I often times hated groups mainly because my views, voice and opinions are never valued and respected. It’s always shoved in the corner and often times silenced

It’s why many times being younger looking than your actual age has a price that many people don’t understand or fail to realize. Mines, I pay dearly because I have Kallmann’s syndrome and I’m Asian American. I pay it in the worse way because people think I am way too young to be doing things & often times people assume I’m not old enough to be at the age I am in. It’s why I often tell people that being an Intersex person with Kallmann’s Syndrome ain’t fun and it often comes with a price that you have to pay and bear for the rest of your life. In my case, I’m always gona be pegged as looking way younger no matter how old I get. So when I get in my 50’s and 60’s i’m always gona get accused of looking younger than my age.

It’s why people who think that looking younger than your age is great. Just think what you pay for looking younger than your age because for me, looking younger than my age, I pay the heaviest price for that and something I am gona have to deal with for the rest of my life. It’s not easy when you’re 41 old and you look more like a 25 or even 23 yr old. Then you factor that I have Kallmann’s Syndrome, Vitiligo, being deaf in one ear and also being an Asian American. That’s a lot I pay for being able to be look 10 to 15 years younger than my age at 41 yrs old.

The US Tech companies have become very fascist

It seems like US tech companies like Google, Paypal and facebook are bastions of Liberal intolerance for those who have different opinions. What’s worse is that these giant tech companies are silencing people’s rights to Freedom of speech. What these giant tech companies are doing is silencing conservatives and blocking them from the Internet. Basically what they are doing is a form of censorship which I believe is totally Illegal and the tech companies have grown to big and too powerful in this company. I think the FCC should drop the big Hammer on them and reign in on their censorship.

Freedom of speech works both ways and if they don’t like it, then they are more than welcome to take their business and company elsewhere to another country that will entertain their politics or ideology. It just seems that these tech companies forget that the US government has this thing call Freedom of speech and what these tech companies are doing by suppressing sites and people you disagree with. I simply think Mr Jeff Sessions needs to remind these tech companies that if they suppress free speech rights, they are gona face serious repercussions that their gona wish they never started in the first place.

Which is why I agree with Tucker Carlson that many of these US based tech companies like Google, twitter and Facebook needs to be put under the regulatory control of the public utility commision and the FCC. Paypal needs to be held to the same standard as any other bank or credit union in this country. By putting them under federal control, these companies can’t violate people’s free speech rights no matter how hateful or derogatory it is. It would mean making sure these tech companies comply with Freedom of speech rights that is enshrined in the US Constitution.

What these tech companies are doing to people’s right to express their views, opinions, beliefs and shutting them down is down right disgraceful and I hope they realize that their actions will have major consequences not only from the federal Government but also from the people as well.  Which is why when these giant tech companies start silencing people’s freedom of speech, you know they’ve grown way too and it’s time they need to seriously be reigned in before they get way out of hand.