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All comments to Nicky’s World are welcomed as long as they are relevant to the post and topic at hand. My blog is about my life digitally on display and is a place where I can grind my gears and talk about whatever interest or topic that comes my way. As such, everyone needs to be respectful, very mature and adult like when it comes to posting comments on my blog. As such I am laying down some ground rules and comment policy for my blog, that everyone needs to follow.

The Ground rules

  1. Comments that are deemed to be very offensive, derogatory, racist and inflammatory will be spammed and automatically deleted.
  2. Comments that Contain Profanity are automatically deleted, and you will be blocked automatically.

  3. Comments that Harass, stalk, bully and intimidate people including outing people and posting personal information will be automatically deleted. I do not allow comments that harass, stalk, bully or intimidate anyone. They will automatically get reported to law Enforcement.

  4.  Comments that attack a person’s comment or character will not be tolerated and I have zero-tolerance on personal attacks and will be deleted

  5.  Anyone posting a comment on my blog must be registered with WordPress or any WordPress affiliated services. All unknowns will be Moderated. Must have a Valid Legal Name and valid Email Address.

  6. Comments have to stay Relevant, on point and on topic.

  7. Language in my comments has to be respectful, mature and adult like. No Immaturity or child-like  allowed on my blog.

8. Comments with Links to sites that Harass, stalk and bully people will be automatically deleted. Links have to be respectful, and I Reserve the Right to inspect the links in the comments before they are allowed on my blog.

  1. I welcome opposing views, as long as it is respectful, mature and very adult like. You have the right to disagree, oppose my views and write opposing comments as long as they are respectful, mature and adult like.
  • I RESERVE the RIGHT to edit, delete comments submitted to this blog  at any time without rhyme or reason

  • Any comment that bullies or threatens or intimidates anyone will be reported Automatically to the Police, No exceptions.

  • Comments that Out a person will automatically be spammed and deleted. No exceptions

  • Spam is an automatic deleted

  • Comments and Links that contain affiliation or commercial sites will be spammed automatically.

  • Consequences

    Violating any of my rules on my blog and in the comment section will be blocked and banned. I Reserve the full Right at anytime to post screen caps your Name, Email and IP address to let people know what kind of jackass you really are.


    By commenting on Nicky’s world, you agree as a commenter to abide by the ground rules that are set on this blog. You agree to be respectful, mature and adult like when it comes to posting comments on my blog. You agree that the Author of this blog has the right at anytime to edit and delete comments. You agree that the Author of this blog has the right to use you comments on future blog post and can use your comments to cite the author of said comment. You agree not to harass, stalk, bully or intimidate anyone in this blog. You agree not to post personal information or out another person. You agree that I retain full ownership of the comment.

    This comment policy is subject to change at anytime.