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The New York Times has lost it’s Freaking Minds


It seems today, the New York Times have lost it’s freaking minds.  The New York Times is as blind as President Obama in the San Bernardino, California attack. It seems like what the New York Times and President Obama wants to do is call the San Bernardino attack as a workplace violence instead of that the FBI is calling a Terrorist attack. The New York Times and President Obama seem to be to blinded by their liberal ideology and want to appease the Muslims and scapegoat the Gun. When Even the FBI is calling it and labeling it as a terrorist attack.

That’s the problem we have in this country is because we have a sissy liberal president and a liberal media who refuses to label the San Bernardino incident as a terrorist attack, that was committed by Muslim terrorist. It’s well obvious that we have a sissy liberal President Obama, Democrats, liberals and the Liberal Media who refuse to call what happened in San Bernardino as a terrorist attack because they are afraid to offend the Muslims they seem to be supporting.

Then now, you have the Liberal New York Times newspaper who has the freaking Galls to call what happened in San Bernardino an epidemic of Gun Violence. When the well obvious is the fact that it was a terrorist attack and the FBI said it in the Press conference. What the New York Times did on their front page today is trying to appease the Muslims, liberals and democrats and scapegoat the gun and legal law abiding gun owners. New York times simply refuses to admit that San Bernardino has been attacked by terrorist and is simply playing along with President Obama and calling it a workplace violence. The people at the New York times obviously have lost their freaking minds.

I simply think that this is another way the Democrats, liberals and the Liberal media is going to try to ram the Gun issue in the election and try to take a swipe at the gun issue. What it shows is that the Democrats, liberals and the Liberal media all hate Gun rights and Gun owners that are enshrined in the US Constitution.

It’s why the New York times has lost all credibility and lost it’s freaking minds. It also shows that the New York times is so retarded to say that what happened in an Bernardino, California is not a terrorist attack but a workplace violence cause they want to appease to their Muslim supporters that the Democrats and the liberals are supporting. When it’s well obvious and the FBI has come out and said it that it is a terrorist attack. I think the New York Times has lost it’s Freaking Mind.


Close Quarters Marksmanship

This is what Close Quarters combat is all about. It’s also my kind of Close Quarters Combat skills.

Via Flickr:
This short video was a winner in the 2013 Army Photographic Competition earlier this week. Filmed by Sgt Barry Lloyd of the Combat Camera Team in Afghanistan, it shows the Close Quarters combat training drills carried out by British soldiers in Helmand Province.Filmed & edited by Sgt Barry Lloyd, RLC

NZ home to “Gay Taliban” Auckland man claims

GayNZ.com NZ home to “Gay Taliban” Auckland man claims.

I have to agree with what Steve Taylor has to say. I think the LGBT community is acting more like the Taliban in terms of behavior towards people. His one quote says it all,

Taylor continues: “It seems that this minority unelected ‘gay Taliban’ has determined that any alternative opinion, save ideological acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, is to be ridiculed, attacked, and silenced – which is hardly an example of the tolerance, inclusivity, and diversity that the same strident minority claim to desire.”

I have to agree with that because the LGBT seem to act very Taliban like when people disagree with them and they attack them, ridicule them and silenced them. I agree with Steve Taylor that the LGBT community is going against their core values of tolerance, inclusivity, and diversity. It’s their attempt to silence and intimidate anyone who disagrees with them. It’s almost what the Mafia and the Taliban dose to their people, but the LGBT people are doing that to anyone who disagrees with them.

Which is why, after I saw this article, I totally agree with what Steve Taylor had to say about the LGBT people and how they are acting more Taliban like and behaving like the Taliban. Which seems like the LGBT community has become the LGBT Taliban. So I would recommend ya read it cause it’s very interesting view here.