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CT Fastrak Review

Today, I took the CT Fastrak to my doctor’s appointment. Let us say it is something that most people in CT never experienced. The Busway system is the first of its kind for the State and especially for the central Connecticut region. The Busway is and was originally intended as a bus only line to cut down traffic on I-84. It was designed as a trolley system without the expensive rail lines. That is why the Busway is an improvement in the system and in the region.3_11_fastrak2

When I took the Busway in New Britain, I noticed how clean the station was. Even though the Busway in New Britain could use some amenities like a concession stand for the Morning rush traffic and evening rush traffic. They even can make room to install a bathroom as well. As for the Bus itself, it was very different from the usual busses and that it had a lot of room to carry people. The buses were designed for the line in mind and were connected to many places such as UConn Health center Farmington. I did like the fact that the drives for the line were more experience and very senior. The Stations were great and very clean and like I said, they could include a bike parking shelter and a concession stand to sell snacks and newspapers as well. Therefore, I am going to list the pros and cons.


  • Stations look very cleaned, modern and organized
  • Very convenient to places where I needed to go
  • The Buses were very clean and comfortable enough to take a nap on the way.
  • I like the fact that I can go places and not have to worry about parking.


  • Needs a concession stand at the New Britain station to accommodate the morning and evening commuters.
  • Needs to have a designated bike parking with a canopy shelter for them.
  • Needs to expand to Bradley Airport, Waterbury and even to the malls.
  • They need to add a ticketing office in New Britain.
  • They need to centralize all the bus services in New Britain to one location instead of two.
  • They should have customer service at all the stations.
  • They need to post signs for all the buses.

Overall, I think CT Fastrak is a big improvement for the region. My ride was great and I think it should be expanded upon to other towns and connected to other regions. It is going to take a while to educate people on the busway system here because not many people have experience this kind of transportation system or have seen it in their travels elsewhere. I think this system is a start and something that should have been here a long time ago. It is my opinion that CT Fastrak is a great system and would I use it, I would in and would uses it when I needed it. Would I recommended it, Heck ya and it would be great if your going to college in the region.

NZ home to “Gay Taliban” Auckland man claims

GayNZ.com NZ home to “Gay Taliban” Auckland man claims.

I have to agree with what Steve Taylor has to say. I think the LGBT community is acting more like the Taliban in terms of behavior towards people. His one quote says it all,

Taylor continues: “It seems that this minority unelected ‘gay Taliban’ has determined that any alternative opinion, save ideological acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, is to be ridiculed, attacked, and silenced – which is hardly an example of the tolerance, inclusivity, and diversity that the same strident minority claim to desire.”

I have to agree with that because the LGBT seem to act very Taliban like when people disagree with them and they attack them, ridicule them and silenced them. I agree with Steve Taylor that the LGBT community is going against their core values of tolerance, inclusivity, and diversity. It’s their attempt to silence and intimidate anyone who disagrees with them. It’s almost what the Mafia and the Taliban dose to their people, but the LGBT people are doing that to anyone who disagrees with them.

Which is why, after I saw this article, I totally agree with what Steve Taylor had to say about the LGBT people and how they are acting more Taliban like and behaving like the Taliban. Which seems like the LGBT community has become the LGBT Taliban. So I would recommend ya read it cause it’s very interesting view here.