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This is a first for a Lao American

This is a historic first for the Lao American community. President Obama visiting Laos and speaking to the Lao people. It also is a first because it brings Lao Americans from being an invisible minority to a visible minority in America as well. It goes to show that Lao Americans are living in America and President Obama simply elevated the Lao American community and Laos as well. Even as a Lao American myself, I am glad that Obama raised the profile of Laos and the Lao American community.

Obama becomes the 1st US President to Visit Laos

This is a very History in the making for many Laotian Americans like myself. President Obama has become the first US President to Visit Laos. It’s history in the Making for the Lao American community because Laos Laotians are not the invisible minority in America anymore and President Obama has not only shined a light on Laos but also Laotian Americans like myself who live in America. We are now finally getting the spotlight in this country and it’s our moment to shine as Lao Americans.

Obama: Donald Trump appeals to ‘folks who feel left out’ 

President Obama offered his own unique perspective on the type of Americans most likely to vote for Donald Trump.

NO SHIT…..That’s why Donald J. Trump appeals to those who have be politically, culturally and socially left out of this country. People are gravitating to Donald J. Trump because those who are left out are not being heard in this country. They are gravitating to Donald J. Trump because they want a platform and a voice in this country. They are going to him because this country doesn’t give them a platform to speak their mind or express their opinion in this country. That’s why people are leaning to Donald J. Trump because they believe he can give them a platform to be heard and let their opinions be heard in this country. It’s why I blame the Democrats and Republicans for not giving those who have been left out a chance to speak their mind and have a platform to express their viewpoints and opinions.

Source: Obama: Donald Trump appeals to ‘folks who feel left out’ – CNNPolitics.com