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What I learned as an Undergraduate in College

Now that I am a college graduate, there are many things I have learned in my undergraduate college at Eastern Connecticut State University. Some social and some that scared me. Being a Disabled college student was often times very tough because the fact that not many people were so accommodating towards disabled college student. Even being an Intersex person in college was also a challenge because of how binary the campus was and that being neither male or female made it hard to fit in on campus was a challenge. It’s why College was a challenge in itself but I was able to adapt and overcome them.

One of the many things that was always a struggle in college was that being a disabled college student, it made it very hard to be included and part of the campus community. In a normal college, I was always treated as a 2nd class college student and not like every other college student. With my disability, I never had the chance to join any clubs on campus or play any sports. That is because being disabled, not many people don’t want to give disabled people a chance. That’s why being disabled, limited my social contact on campus. I didn’t even have too many friends on campus and only had very few friends.

The one thing I fault Eastern Connecticut State University is that they didn’t do enough to help disabled students be more inclusive and didn’t force on campus clubs to be more inclusive towards disabled people. They didn’t even try to help disabled students be more inclusive on campus. It was why being disabled on campus often felt a very lonely place, but I adapted and found a niche in the disability office. That is because the disability office on campus took care of me and was the only place on campus I called Home.

The other thing that was a challenge on campus is that being an Intersex person on campus, I never fitted in with the Men or women. I never felt any connection to any man or woman on campus. I was always different from everyone else and that being born with an Intersex condition, I never identified with the men or women. That is why being an intersex person was sometimes hard on campus because of the fact not many people understood what Intersex is and what it means to be born intersex. Many times on campus, people have confused and mistaken with transgender people.

Though what was great about being Intersex at Eastern Connecticut State University was the fact that I can be myself and not forced into the male and female crap. I can wear whatever clothes I want and be myself without being pressured or judged. At the same time, I had my own dorm on campus and didn’t have to deal with the crap that men and women deal with living in the dorms. That allowed me to be myself and have the kind of independence to be myself and not stressed out.

That’s why, what I learned at Eastern Connecticut State University was the fact that I don’t need clubs to be myself. It allowed me to grow my own independence streak and let me be me. Though I wished I had time to make more friends, be part of clubs or sports. But instead, I was able to learn to be independent and learn to be myself without being stressed or pressured by society or people. That’s something that Eastern Connecticut State University has taught me on campus.

This is why America needs to learn to take a Joke

That’s the problem, the Political correct liberals and Social conservatives have killed comedy and telling jokes. No wonder why Comedians will never go near colleges. Colleges have become way too PC and way too intolerant. It’s why many people in America have lost their Comedy Laugh.