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Shutter Fraternities for Young Women’s Good | Home Land – WSJ.com

I saw this article today in the Wall Street Journal online and makes me think and feel for the writer.  The Fraternity system we have in America is Sexist, Racist and basically down right discriminatory towards women and anyone in between. I even have been a victim of Fraternity discrimination at Southern Connecticut State university and as a result, I have a severe distrust of student clubs, Fraternities and student organizations. I despise student clubs and student orgs on my campus because how they treated me and how they discriminated me on the basis of who I am and my age. That’s why I don’t support any student org or student club on my campus. Even when they have fundraising on campus, I don’t even bother to chip in.

Though back to the article at hand, I have to agree with the writer that if you want to make the campus safer for only for women, but for everyone else. Just shutter and close down the Fraternity system to make it safer for everyone on campus. The one thing I agree with the writer and she says it well in her article;

The Greek system is dedicated to quelling young men’s anxiety about submitting themselves to four years of sissy-pants book learning by providing them with a variety of he-man activities: drinking, drugging, ESPN watching and the sexual mistreatment of women.

I agree with the writer that the fraternity system on any college campus creates a hostile learning environment and an environment of the haves and have nots. It creates a class system on campus that is very hostile for learning and making it unfriendly for the campus community. It robs people of an equal opportunity for learning and for having a college experience.

What I got out of reading the article is that the writer stated her mistrust of the university stems from her rape at the hands of male fraternity members and her distrust of student organizations as a result of her Rape on campus. I do agree with the writer that it is a Title IX violation of not providing equal opportunity in education and it is a Title IX violation of creating a hostile education environment for women.

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Shutter Fraternities for Young Women’s Good | Home Land – WSJ.com.

The time has come to fix flawed student governments | USA TODAY College

The time has come to fix flawed student governments | USA TODAY College.

I saw this post online and this reminds me of my student government at Southern Connecticut state university. It acts so clickish that it doesn’t welcome any students, it doesn’t make them feel like their part of the campus community and even turns students off. It literally gives students the cold shoulder and makes them feel like if your not part of SGA or any club or Greek life on campus, your a nobody and not important to them.  It needs a major overhaul and on the top of my list is to get rid of the clickish atmosphere that is rampant with student government and student life at large at Southern Connecticut State University. It breeds clicks and it feeds off to other student groups, clubs, fraternities and sororities on campus. It makes it feel like if your not part of campus social scene, then your a nobody to them.

That’s why It’s very hard for students like myself to get involve in on campus groups, clubs and fraternities. It’s because it’s very clickish and virtually their are two clubs in one club. For example, their are Hall council for any resident students to join, but within a Hall council, their are Eboards that act clickish like and have their own clicks that are separate from the rest of the club. Even with all the social clubs on campus, they act very clickish and have clicks within the club and within the deeper Eboards.

It’s why I’ll never ever get involve with on campus groups, clubs or even fraternities because after what I have seen at Southern Connecticut State university. The Student government, clubs and Greek life on campus, they act very clickish and act as if your not with them, your nothing to them. That’s why Clubs, SGA, and Greek life on my campus see’s students who are with them as a nobody and not important to the campus community. Your wonder why no one wants to be involve on campus when you have groups on campus acting very clikish and no one is doing a thing to stop this clickish mentality that exist at Southern Connecticut state university.

The relevance of Fraternities and sororities in the 21st century

Here’s a question I want to ask and pose to everyone.  With the advent of social media out their such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter,foursquare and others. Do Fraternities and sororities hold an relevance in the face of social media. Are they relevant in the 21st century. Have social media become the new form of fraternities and sororities. Have they become an archaic relic of the 19th and 20th century.

I ponder this because in light of the fact that social media has become the new form of social fraternities and sororities. I wonder are they relevant or are they becoming irrelevant in the age of social media. Are they becoming a relic of a bygone era of social clubs and has social media taken over as a new way of having fraternities and sororities.

Let me know what do you all think and give me your insights and opinions on the relevance of fraternities and sororities in the 21st century.