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Last day at being 35 yrs old

Ya know one thing about being 35 is that not the same as 25 or 15. It’s different and different for me cause I grew up in a much earlier generation than today. The one thing I still shake off all the time is when people ask how old I am and I give them the shock and awe as to how old I am vs how old I look. So no matter how old I get, I am still 10 years younger looking and I can chalk that up to being Asian and being born with an Intersex medical condition.

The surprisingly  is that tomorrow is my birthday I am going to be 36 yrs old and for me,I don’t see myself getting any older and I don’t even see any gray hair as of yet. So lucky for me, when I do hit 40, I’ll still be young looking and still shock the hell out of people as how I can still look young no matter how old I get. On my birthday, I do share the same birthday with quite a few celebrities including Janet Jackson, Ralph Tresvant, Megan Fox & Tori Spelling. So I have a birthday I share with famous celebrities as well.

My Favorite Music

Janet Jackson featured on a 1993 cover of Roll...
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The kind of music I like to listen to is Janet Jackson. That is because I like Janet Jackson and that she has the Independent streak that I most admire. I like her songs and her songs sometimes lets me know that their are better and brighter days ahead. It even reminds me of my teenage years as well and sometimes the song reminds me of how great my teenage years were. Most of the times I like listening to Janet Jackson, but their are times I do like like to listen to Linkin Park as well.

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My Favorite Artist

I actually have an all time favorite artist. One of them Is Janet Jackson. I like Janet Jackson because of her Music and Style. Frankly she has some good songs that I like. Some inspire me and some give me hope when the chips are down. The commonality is that I have the same Birthday as with Janet Jackson, though she’s a few years older than I am. I do like her music and her Music can inspire people and give hope to people. One of the things I like about Janet Jackson is her songs and her songs are one of the best. Especially the one called “Pleasure is a Principle”.

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