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Why the job market sucks if you have a disability

The one thing I learned in the working working world and trying to break into the working world is that, if you have a disability or a medical condition of any kind. Your chances of finding meaningful work is slim to none. Being an Intersex person who is deaf in one ear and has vitiligo, it get’s very tough to find work. Not a lot of places are willing to take a chance on someone who has a disability and most places will reject my application, once they see my vitiligo on my hands. It’s why not many places want someone who has medical issues. It’s why I learned the job market is a brutal bitch and especially in Connecticut. It’s tough when you have a disability and not many places want to take a chance on someone who’s disabled.

It’s why I am seriously contemplating on going to graduate school and get my Masters Degree in Nursing or Social Work and then look for a good paying job. It’s tough when you have a bachelors degree and not many places want to hire you and especially in Connecticut as well. It’s why I think the Job Market here sucks and I should have done what many people did, such as moved out and moved to another state to find work.


My Summer so far

This summer, happens to turn out to be one of my most boring and lazy summers ever. I was gona take summer classes this summer at the local community college and I have even thought about looking for summer time work as well. That never happened because the bad economy that is happening in America right now. People are losing jobs, Homes going to foreclosure and that people are having a very difficult time to find work during a recession. I think the problem is that in America were facing a very deep recession and that because of the Banking and financial fall out cause by AIG and such such places like the Lehman brothers. That people in American are scrapping at the bottom because of the financial mess that America is in. Alot of people don’t understand that and some from overseas don’t understand why America is in a Recession.

That’s why this summer, I’ve been at home not doing a whole lot other than working on my book project. It’s that book project that at least keeps me occupied and busy. I am working on a book, which I should have published by the start of the fall semester. The book which I am working on and not going into much detail is a poetry/short story book. It’s a book called “My world through my eyes” is about what i see and experience and it’s written in the most poetic terms. This book should be out in the fall semester.

It’s this project that keeps me busy during the summer, when I should have been working this summer. I knew I should have been working this summer, but I knew the job market for summer time work was going to be even tougher because of the bad economy that American is in right now. That’s why I didn’t work this summer knowing that I have a campus job lined up this fall and that I should at least enjoy a summer. So just to say, my summer so far is going okay and I know that I can look forward to going back to college this fall.

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New Britain jobless rate climbing – The New Britain Herald News : New Britain, Conn., and surrounding areas (newbritainherald.com)

New Britain jobless rate climbing – The New Britain Herald News : New Britain, Conn., and surrounding areas (newbritainherald.com).

So I wonder, where’s the job creation stimulus that the Democrats talk about so much.  Every time you read headlines such as this, it makes you wonder, where’s that so called job creation that these Democrats talk about so much. It looks like to me all their talk of job creation stimulus is all talk and no action when you get a load of this article from my hometown Newspaper.

It seems that in my hometown, things can get from bad to very worse. For the job market and employment market outlook in my hometown, it doesn’t look any pretty than it is right now. It’s so bad right now in my hometown,  their is nothing growing in my hometown. Not even jobs are being created in my hometown. When you hear these Democrats talk about creating jobs and green jobs, It’s all nothing but  a pipe dream because they can’t see how bad it is right now and these democrats can’t see that all their talk is leading to no action.

It’s like this, in the New Britain Herald newspaper, you could not see a more depressing news than to hear the fact that the jobless rate is climbing so fast that even I can’t keep up anymore.  I hate to say this, but their are no more jobs in my hometown and that the job market in my hometown has dried up. Their ain’t nothing left for anyone like me to find work while going to school. I think you gotta wonder why their are no jobs or any new jobs being created at all. I think we’ve been lied to by the democrats in this country about them creating jobs and the way I see it, their ain’t no jobs being created by the democrats and you gotta wonder where the hell is the job creation stimulus that these democrats talk about so much. I don’t see it, do you?

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