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Things I could have done in life

Sometimes, I tell people about the hardest part of ever being born with an Intersex/DSD condition is how people hardly don’t notice you or even see you at all. with all that I have and what I am born with from Kallmann’s syndrome down to Vitiligo, it’s very hard to be noticed, seen or taken seriously these days. The hardest part is people not allowing me to do all the things that everyone else gets to do because due to having Kallmann’s syndrome, I look way younger than my age and the perception that people have is that people think I look to young to be doing things. Which as a result, I get denied opportunities to do things or lead or even manage things.

It’s why many times in my life, I don’t get to do all the things that every human being on this planet get to do because of what I am born with. Even if I have all those certifications, degrees or licenses, i still won’t be able to do things because people would think I look way too young to be doing them. It’s why for example, i’m in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and the highest I have ever gotten up to is FSO-DV aka Flotilla Staff officer- diversity. I have never gone has high up as Division, district or national because I have never been given the opportunity to move up or that no one has ever offered me any opportunities to advance. Even when it comes to pursuing US Coast Guard certifications such as Boat crew, I never got the opportunity because people thought I was too young looking to be doing that.

Even in college, I was never given the chance to run a club, play sports, lead a student government or even be an RA in a dorm. All those were denied to me because people looked at me and though I was too young looking to do those things. Which was why I never got a good college education including the social skills and group skills in college. College never helped me socialize and it was all based on who you know and how well connected are you. It’s why the college I graduated from, I never got to run a club, play sports, lead a student government or even be an RA in a dorm. It’s why I never got to have the social life because of having Kallmann’s syndrome, vitiligo and looking years younger than my age.

Even when it comes to dating and relationships, I am still single to this day and most likely will be single to the very end. That’s due into part because having Kallmann’s syndrome, I am always overlooked by women because I look way too young looking for them. It’s why at my age right now, I don’t bother to date and dating and relationships are the last thing on my list. That’s because having Kallmann’s Syndrome and Vitiligo, always rejected by people and people overlook me. That’s why when it comes to women, I always have this mentality that every women I see, I assume they are either a lesbian/bisexual or already taken. It’s why because of Kallmann’s syndrome and Vitiligo, I don’t even think about dating and relationships.

It’s why many things I could, would and should have done in my life, I never got to do because the fact that I look way younger looking than my age. The fact that I have Kallmann’s syndrome and Vitiligo is one of those factors in why opportunities are often denied to me and sometimes I have to create my own opportunities despite having all the opportunities slammed shut on me. It’s why being younger looking is nice but it has a steep price, which I am paying for because of Kallmann’s syndrome and vitiligo.

The down side of Kallmann’s syndrome

Being an Intersex/DSD person who happens to have Kallmann’s syndrome and Vitiligo, there is a HUGE down side that comes with having Kallmann’s syndrome. Most of its either overtly and covertly and many times, it comes with having this rare disease. Many times, the down side of it, has to do with the fact that because of Kallmann’s syndrome, many things are associated with the condition. The most that impacts me is how I look way younger than my age and how people don’t take me seriously, treat me like a normal person or give me the same opportunities as everyone else. It’s why the hardest part of Kallmann’s syndrome is trying to be me, when people see me as being too young looking to do anything

Which is why having Kallmann’s syndrome can oftentimes be a hindrance for me because, when I want to do something or get in on something. I am sometimes denied the opportunity or often times passed over because I look too young to be involve or that they assume I am too young looking and immature to be involved in something. It’s why most times, I don’t get to do anything that is remotely normal like everyone else and I don’t get the opportunities to get involve or more up in the world. Many times, people skip past me because people assume I look too young to be doing this or that.

It’s why despite having Kallmann’s syndrome, I don’t get to do anything important or be involved in something. Even when I am in an organization, I don’t get to move up because people think or assume, I look too young to be doing that. Which oftentimes, I don’t get high enough or even a promotion. One example, is how I have my EMT card and I hardly ever use it because not many places including many volunteer rescue squads, think and assume I look way too young for them. Which as a result, makes me feel like because of Kallmann’s syndrome, people think and assume, I am too young looking to be with them. It even extends into dating and relationships as well. Biological women skip past me, simply because I look way to young looking for my age. People assume, I am too young to date them and as a result, I am skipped over. It’s why, I don’t date anymore and I don’t even bother looking for a date or even a girlfriend, simply because what I have, what I have to deal with, I doubt anyone with want to take part of it.

It’s why many people who think looking young as you get older is great. But then, there’s a huge price you have to pay for looking young as you get older and I see it all the damn time as someone who has Kallmann’s syndrome and looks way younger than their actual age. I see it covertly and even overtly when people who look at me, think I look like a late teen or young adult instead of an older adult. I see it when people skip pass me all the time and don’t notice me at all. I even see it when people think and assume that I look way too young to be in charge or doing things that normal people get to do. I even see it when people never give me a chance to do anything because people assume, I look too damn young.

Which is why the down side to having Kallmann’s syndrome for me, is that people and society tend to think I look way too damn young to be doing things. People don’t even notice me until it’s too damn late. I don’t get the same opportunities or being given a chance to do things or eve lead. Many times, people assume that i’m too damn young or too damn immature to be in charge or leading. It’s why having Kallmann’s syndrome and looking young than your age is nice, but then, there’s a heavy price and heavy burden I have to pay for having Kallmann’s syndrome and it’s something I wouldn’t even wish on my own worst enemy.

Trump could define Trans out of existence

As an Intersex person who happens to have Kallmann’s syndrome. I totally agree with the Trump administration in setting the biological definition of sex and gender. During the Obama Administration, the definition of sex was so damn broad that it included the most absurd and outlandish. It even co-opted Intersex people like myself, when Intersex people didn’t want anything to do with the Trans crap to begin with. Which is why I am really GLAD that Trump is setting a Government Definition of what biological sex means.

It puts a stop to the Trans cult madness and look on the bright side, it expose their flawed gender ideology for the world to see. Since the failing New York Times exposed this story, people are slowly finding out how Obama broadened the definition of biological sex to include anything that is absurd and outlandish. Which resulted in the harm of Biological women, young girls and Intersex people like myself. It’s why Trump is putting a FULL Stop on the OBAMA era and stopping Obama’s LGBT mess.

It’s why, as an Intersex person, I am all for the Trump Administration in setting a Biological definition of sex, that is grounded and rooted in Science and Medicine. The reason for this, is that science is factual ad Facts don’t care about your damn Feelings. It’s why I believe the definition of sex is either Male, female, unchangeable and completely grounded in Science. Sex in reality is a status as male or female that is clearly based on immutable biological traits that can be seen before or after birth. I also like the fact that the Trump administration is going to demand that any transgender who claims to be a man or woman, will now have to be forced to prove it on a Genetic DNA Karyotype test. What that does, it weeds out the who fake and lie about being an Intersex person and turns the burden of proof towards medical science

What’s funny is that many in the LGBT, Liberals and SJW’s thinks that this is going to define trans out of existence, when in reality, it’s setting a LEGAL biological definition of what Sex is that is based on medical science and not some delusional, wacky gender theory. It’s not going to wipe them out of existence and instead it’s giving the Government a legal definition of what biological sex is. It’s why you’re seeing a lot of LGBT, Liberals and SJW’s are having a hissy fit and a temper tantrum that Trump is defining them out of existence. I’m glad that trump is doing that because trump is literally letting them hang themselves by exposing their flawed ideology that they pushed under Obama.

Which is why, as an Intersex person with Kallmann’s syndrome, I fully support what the Trump Administration is doing in setting a legal definition of what Biological sex is and what Male and Female, legally means. I hope that becomes the legal standard in US LAW.

Source: Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration