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Where the hell did America go

Dear America,

What the hell is wrong with this picture. Have men today grown up to be weak and reduced to this pajama boy crap. We seriously need some type of National service or draft to whip today’s Men into shape. If this is the future of what Men are, then I feel so, sorry for the women who have to deal with this.

Pajama boy


Crowdfunding for college education

Just to let everyone know, I am crowd funding to help pay down my college expenses and pay off my tuition bill for college. I am using a site called Gofundme to help fund my college education expenses. I know the cost of going to college is getting very steep, and I am looking for any donations to help pay my way to get my bachelors degree in Biology and into Physician assistant or Nurse Practitioner school. Even as a deaf and hard of hearing student, getting work while in college is very tough in this economy and it doesn’t help when you don’t have any help from your state and federal government to pay for college.

So if you’re all interested in helping me out, here’s the link to my gofundme site; http://www.gofundme.com/4lsoig