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The Video that convinced Kim Jong Un to drop his Nuclear weapons program

I think what Trump showed Kim Jong Un is a video that showed him the prospects of coming into the world community and be more like China and Vietnam. If Kim Jong Un drops his Nuclear weapons and becomes more like China and Vietnam. I think if Mr trump can pull this off, I smell Nobel Peace prize in the making. I also think North Korea can end the war and be more like China and Vietnam.

It’s time we rise up against the Anti Trump protesters

With all these anti trump protesters rioting on the streets. I am calling for a Nation wide counter protest movement to show our support for president-elect Donald Trump. We need to come out in FULL force and counter these anti Trump crowd and if necessary put them where they belong. We need to rise up and rise above the anti Trump cry babies. Theses anti Trump crybabies are showing how immature they are and they need to be rounded up and tossed in prison or a gulag. We need to show our full support for Donald Trump and put down the anti Trump crowd. 

It’s why I am calling for a Nationwide counter protest against the anti trump crowd and counter demonstrate against the Anti Trump crowd and show are full support for president-elect Donald Trump. What these anti Trump crowd are doing is fracturing this country and dividing this country even further. We cannot allow these anti Trump crowd to threaten and intimidate democracy and the rule of law in this country. It’s why we need to start a nationwide counter protest and these anti trump protesters need to rounded up and be tossed in prison, where they belong.

This is why, I am calling for every American to wake up and counter protest against these anti trump protesters and push them back so hard that they wish they never started this. At the same time, we need to abolish these so-called safe spaces where these anti Trump protesters meet because they are places that harm democracy and intimidate Americans.