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McDonalds making fun of New England Accent

Okay this McDonalds commercial sometimes pisses me off. Being I’m from New England and from Connecticut, we don’t talk like that. It sounds more likes a west coast, Californian trying to imitate a New Englander from Connecticut to Massachusetts. It’s obvious they are putting more emphasis on the T than any other letter. So here’s the video:

Film Adaptations


My favorite book that was adopted to a movie IS Band of Brothers. It’s based on accounts of Easy Company of the 101st Airborne Division. I like the book and the movie because it tells us of what life is like for a paratrooper in world war II. It’s not only a history lesson, but gives actual accounts of a paratrooper and what they have gone through from Basic training to occupation of Germany. I like the book and the movie because it’s a history lesson and the lesson of what can happen when people are plucked from their daily lives to fight in World War II.

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