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Down Syndrome Soldier in the IDF

This is a great moment for the Israeli Defense forces. Not many militaries around the world allows those with a disability such as Autism and Down syndrome. It’s why I like the Israeli Defense forces simply because they are far more progressive and ahead of most western miliarites on this planet. Most places won’t let anyone who has a disability serve in the Military. The IDF is the most progressive and on the forefront.

Even in the US Military, people who have a disability are largely banned from Active Duty, reserve or National Guard.  But luckily, people like Pvt Shahaf, they have IDF but those in America like myself, I am largely banned from Active Duty, reserve or National Guard, but I’m fortunate that I have the US Coast Guard and the US Coast Guard has the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, that allows people like myself to serve in the Military and at any capacity the US Coast Guard sees fit. In which it’s great and let’s me contribute my part to the overall US Coast Guard Mission, despite my disability.

It’s why I am a huge advocate in letting disabled serve in the US Military and even bringing the State Militia, State Guards, Civil Air patrol and US Coast Guard Auxiliary in line with the rest of the US Military and combine them under the command of NORTHCOM. I also think that State Militia’s, State Guards, Civil Air patrols and US Coast Guard Auxiliary should open their doors to the disabled and offer them a chance to serve in any capacity that they can physically do, such as Communications, Logistics, Administration and Disaster response.

The down side of Kallmann’s syndrome

Being an Intersex/DSD person who happens to have Kallmann’s syndrome and Vitiligo, there is a HUGE down side that comes with having Kallmann’s syndrome. Most of its either overtly and covertly and many times, it comes with having this rare disease. Many times, the down side of it, has to do with the fact that because of Kallmann’s syndrome, many things are associated with the condition. The most that impacts me is how I look way younger than my age and how people don’t take me seriously, treat me like a normal person or give me the same opportunities as everyone else. It’s why the hardest part of Kallmann’s syndrome is trying to be me, when people see me as being too young looking to do anything

Which is why having Kallmann’s syndrome can oftentimes be a hindrance for me because, when I want to do something or get in on something. I am sometimes denied the opportunity or often times passed over because I look too young to be involve or that they assume I am too young looking and immature to be involved in something. It’s why most times, I don’t get to do anything that is remotely normal like everyone else and I don’t get the opportunities to get involve or more up in the world. Many times, people skip past me because people assume I look too young to be doing this or that.

It’s why despite having Kallmann’s syndrome, I don’t get to do anything important or be involved in something. Even when I am in an organization, I don’t get to move up because people think or assume, I look too young to be doing that. Which oftentimes, I don’t get high enough or even a promotion. One example, is how I have my EMT card and I hardly ever use it because not many places including many volunteer rescue squads, think and assume I look way too young for them. Which as a result, makes me feel like because of Kallmann’s syndrome, people think and assume, I am too young looking to be with them. It even extends into dating and relationships as well. Biological women skip past me, simply because I look way to young looking for my age. People assume, I am too young to date them and as a result, I am skipped over. It’s why, I don’t date anymore and I don’t even bother looking for a date or even a girlfriend, simply because what I have, what I have to deal with, I doubt anyone with want to take part of it.

It’s why many people who think looking young as you get older is great. But then, there’s a huge price you have to pay for looking young as you get older and I see it all the damn time as someone who has Kallmann’s syndrome and looks way younger than their actual age. I see it covertly and even overtly when people who look at me, think I look like a late teen or young adult instead of an older adult. I see it when people skip pass me all the time and don’t notice me at all. I even see it when people think and assume that I look way too young to be in charge or doing things that normal people get to do. I even see it when people never give me a chance to do anything because people assume, I look too damn young.

Which is why the down side to having Kallmann’s syndrome for me, is that people and society tend to think I look way too damn young to be doing things. People don’t even notice me until it’s too damn late. I don’t get the same opportunities or being given a chance to do things or eve lead. Many times, people assume that i’m too damn young or too damn immature to be in charge or leading. It’s why having Kallmann’s syndrome and looking young than your age is nice, but then, there’s a heavy price and heavy burden I have to pay for having Kallmann’s syndrome and it’s something I wouldn’t even wish on my own worst enemy.

Norway Navy frigate ran aground


All I can say is WOW

You ran a ship aground to save it from being sunk by a tanker who just sideswiped it

The Royal Norwegian Navy’s HNoMS Helge Ingstad (F313) collided with a tanker and I wonder, who the Hell was on the Bridge when this happened and who were the Lookouts that were on duty when this occurred.

All I know is that when the investigation is over, the Norwegians are gona be looking at an expensive repair job and that Frigate is gona be out of service for at least 2 years.

I sure hope the Norwegians have insurance and have exchanged info with the Tanker.

Here’s the tweet:

Here’s Video’s

Here’s the promo video from Navantia that built the Fridtjof Nansen class frigate.