Southern Cal shooting, my thoughts and opinion on the tragedy

Let’s not forget, this not about Gun control, feminist rights, Men’s rights or gun rights. This is about a man who got bullied by men and women from childhood. This is about a guy who suffered from the MEAN GIRL mentality, bullying and being rejected by women.  The fact the matter is that society has a HUGE elephant in the room that they don’t want to deal with, which is bullying & the MEAN girl mentality. They would rather scapegoat law abiding gun owners and not deal with the epidemic of bullying and mean girl mentality. Sooner or LATER Society is going to have to deal with that Elephant in the ROOM and face the FACT that all those Gun violence and massacres can be traced back squarely at the epidemic of Bullying and Mean Girl Mentality. It’s why when you see tragedies like this, you have ANTI GUN nuts blaming the gun, gun owners and Feminist/MRA’s blaming each other and not looking at the Elephant and realizing that all these problems are because of Bullying and Mean Girl mentality. I will bet you all that we will still have these tragedies until society one day, wakes up from its bubble and deal with the Elephant of Bullying and Mean girl mentality. Until then, you people can blame each other all you want, but you still have that Elephant in the room to deal with and that Elephant isn’t going away anytime soon until Society wakes up and deal with the Bullying and Mean girl Mentality that is plaguing society like an epidemic. The Way I see it, Bullying and the Mean girl mentality is a social epidemic that society needs to deal with NOW instead of having more needless tragedies like this. We as a society need to come to our sense and deal with this Bullying and Mean girl epidemic.