Gives Royal Bad ass a whole new meaning


His Majesty King Abdullah II and Prince Hussein gives bad ass a whole new meaning.  Makes the British royal family look like a bunch of pussies.

I can really imagine an instructor in Jordanian military unit showing this video to the students and asking “If our King, who has other things to do in life, can shoot like that, why can’t you?”

This picture is taking THUG LIFE to a whole new level here. Sec Mad Dog Mattis needs to up his game, if he wants to play with the Jordanian royals. I think the makers of Call of Duty need to take a PAGE or a lesson from the Jordanian Royal Family.

As far as the Prince’s Shotgun skills, Let’s roll on this one and I think Dick Cheney has some serious competition here.

You can see the King has a fondess for his MCX and still is able to keep his special forces skills sharp and intact. I can forgive the king for his chicken wing shooting style but that’s old school for him and he has the Badass to pass for it.