My Lack of Opportunities in my life

One thing about my college experience at Eastern that i have found lacking is the fact that, I never had a chance to get involve, give and be active on campus. I never had a chance to join a club, play sports or even take an active leadership role on campus. The problem with Eastern is that they never offered ample opportunities for me to get involve, lead and take an active participation in college life. My college life at Eastern pretty much reminds me of going to community college and not being involved socially. As a Senior who is graduating next year, I never had a chance to make something out of myself on campus and never had any opportunities to lead, give or get involved on campus.

What sucks about Eastern is that they never give any opportunities to lead, take an active role, give or be a member of a social club or play sports on campus. As an intersex / DSD person and a Deaf person, I had a rough time finding a club where I can join. Finding a place where I can take an active leadership role or play in a sports team. I just find that inclusion and diversity is a huge issue on my campus because no one is giving people a chance and the people who run clubs or student government are the same people who do the same thing over and over. It’s why for me, I never had any opportunities and all the opportunities I had on campus, other people had taken them and never give me a chance. I hardly ever had a chance to be in student government or be a club president or a student leader on campus. My opportunities for those went out the window because the people who are in them are the ones from last year. The College never tells them to give new people a chance. It’s why I was never able to be involved on campus at Eastern Connecticut state university and that I sometimes feel like I got denied because of my intersex / DSD condition and my Deaf disability.

Even out in the community, I hardly ever get a chance to use my skills or my licence. Every organization I have been in, I never get a chance or they make it so hard that they often times push me out the door. Even as an EMT, I had very little opportunities to use my EMT license or my EMT skills that I learned. That’s cause there are very few Vol EMS squads near where I live or that the requirements make it so hard for me to stay active, that I am often times pushed out or left behind. Every organization I have been in, I never had an active leadership role. I never been a club president or an officer in an EMS squad. Instead, I never had any opportunities  and I never had a chance to use what I learned. My only wish is that I wished I had an Vol EMS squad that would let me have a chance to use my EMT skills. Even I wish their was a community organization that would let me take an active role or even lead as well.

The sad part is, no matter where I go, I never get a chance to either be an active member, take a leadership role or give. I get road blocked, denied and even pushed aside or shoved into a corner. Sometimes I feel like No one wants me in their club, organization and doesn’t want me to give or lead. Instead they want me to disappear and often times as a result, I end up doing things by myself and working for myself. I don’t get to interact and be social, which helps me make more friends. Which as a result, I have very few friends, I do things by myself and I don’t get to socialize.

Which is why I am use to being by myself on campus and in the community because no one has EVER gave me a chance or an opportunity to lead or give. It’s why I sometimes think that my Disability is a hindrance and that no one bothers to give disable people like me a chance to do things and be active members of the community. Which most times, I wind up going solo or stag and alone. I wind up planing my own events and doing my thing. No one ever gives me a chance and wind up doing things alone. It’s why on campus, I get the chance to socialize, make friends, take a leadership role or give to the campus community. It’s the one thing that bothers me the most because as a Senior at Eastern Connecticut State Univ, I never had the chance to socialize, make friends, lead or be active on campus. I’m pretty much isolated on campus and that sometimes is depressing but I gotten use to it and done things by myself.

Violent rhetoric Intersex people Face online

The violent rhetoric I face online as an Intersex / DSD person and a deaf person is mind-blowing and sometimes very disgusting. It is so disgusting that to even mention it makes my stomach turn. One thing I do not tolerate is harassment, bullying and intimidating. Too often as an Intersex /  DSD person, when I come online, I am very often harassed, stalked, bullied and intimidated by the out, loud and vocal porny male transgender and the gender queer crowed.  So many times, where I have been harassed, intimidated and bullied. That it makes me sick mentally, physically and emotionally. It makes me wonder why in the hell would Intersex / DSD person would want to support someone who is so violent, so vile and so hateful towards people.

I have seen many vocal, out loud and violent male trans online who have harassed, stalked, bullied, intimidated and doxxed anyone that doesn’t disagree with them. Many of these so-called trans are Men who wear dresses and claim to be a woman. The others are Gender queers who hate anyone that disagree with them. The problem I see with these people is that, everything to them has to be centered around them and the world has to cater to the fetish, delusion and porny ideology. What happens when you disagree with them, they lash out on you. Harass you, wherever you post online, stalk you. Doxx you by posting personal and inflammatory information. Even in some cases swatting you, where you work or where you live.

So many times I often wonder why the fuck does the LGB community have to put up the nonsense from the trans community and the gender queer community. Why are they so silent when trans people lash out, stalk, harass, bully and even intimidate everyone.  It makes me wonder why the Intersex / DSD community is tolerating this and not taking a STAND and standing up to the Transgender community and telling them NO and we had enough with their antics. I know Intersex / DSD people and the community should not tolerate any form of violence that the Transgender community likes to pull on people.

The violent rhetoric that I see so often coming out of the Transgender community, makes me wonder who are they REALLY trying to prove or impress. Intimidating, bullying, stalking and harassing people isn’t going to get them anywhere and it sure ain’t gona score points with the allies they want. If they think they are creating more allies by harassing, stalking, bullying and intimidating people. They better think again because they are creating more enemies in the long run and creating very little allies in the end. Their’s a phrase that holds true in any community that reminds me of this;

The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend

That basically sums up of what I am seeing as an Intersex / DSD when faced with the violent rhetoric that comes from the out loud, vocal and violent male transgender community. They are creating more enemies as a result of their harassing, stalking, bullying and intimidating people. Which creates a strange alliance with other people, who have a common enemy against the Transgender community.

It makes me wonder as an Intersex / DSD person why the fuck are we having to deal with these ultra violent male transgender people online. Why are we tolerating this instead of taking a stand and telling them ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I know Lesbian women, radical feminist, feminist and women are all having to deal with this  and now Society is seeing this as well. The more society sees this, the more they are gona see their true violent nature that the transgender community.

It’s why as an Intersex / DSD I am often disgusted by the violent rhetoric no matter where I comment or post online. Every time I post a comment online, it get’s reduced to name calling, harassing, bullying and intimidating people.  They don’t want to argue on the facts, but instead want to harass , bully and intimidating you from posting another comment.  It’s becoming a common fact among the porny male trans, that they will argue, harass, stalk, and bully you instead of debating like a normal person.  Facts to them distort their fantasy and they will try at all cost to squash anyone who brings up facts.  It makes me wonder and think that they hate Freedom of speech and hate it when people have the right to assemble and to have an opinion.

Which is why as an Intersex / DSD, I don’t tolerate with anyone who argues like a child and uses harassment, stalking, bullying and doxxing of anyone you disagree with. If you can’t learn to disagree like a normal adult, then you shouldn’t REALLY be on the internet in the first place. You should seek professional help and never be allowed on the internet. It’s why I fight so damn hard for Intersex / DSD people to have a voice and let their voices be heard instead of being downed out or silenced. Those who try to silence and run off Intersex / DSD people, I have Zero tolerance for them. Which is why I have ZERO tolerance for anyone who stalks, harass, bully, intimidates or doxxes anyone.  They are criminals in my view and should be dealt with by the Cops, courts and prison.  I’ll leave you with this quote from Winston Churchill;

You have enemies? Good.
That means you’ve stood up for something,
sometime in your life.
– Winston Churchill