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Dating issues as an Intersex person

Ya know why as an Intersex person I don’t date, have a relationship or a girlfriend. The reality here for me is that, what biological woman would want to deal with someone who looks 10 years younger than their age and almost looks like a young adult or a late teen. On top of that, what biological woman would want someone who has a micropenis, ambiguous genitals, gynecomastia and can’t smell shit. At the sametime, what biological woman would want someone who’s deaf in one ear and has Vitiligo. It just seems like on this planet that no biological woman would want to deal with someone who has issues like me. It’s why Dating, sex, and relationships are something that’s never gona happen in my lifetime & i’m destined to be single for LIFE.

Twitter discriminates against Intersex people



I was along time twitter user until the straw that broke the damn camel’s back. Just yesterday, I was arguing with a Trans on twitter who was faking and lying about being Intersex. I was defending Intersex people and the Intersex community on twitter when this Male Trans decided to attack me for questioning his Fake Intersex claims. As a result of all this, Twitters, fucked up rules and terms of services has decided to block and suspend my accounts instead of the Porny male trans. It just means that Twitter hates anyone including Intersex people like myself who speak up against the porny male trans who have seem to fake and lie about being Intesex on twitter. As a result, Intersex people like myself don’t have a platform on any of the Liberal social media sites because they seem to be protecting the LGBT, Democrats, Liberals, SJW’s, Snowflakes and the delusional.

Which is why since yesterday, I have terminated and ended my relationship with Twitter, simply because Twitter does not value Freedom of speech and does not allow freedom of expression, ideas and thought. On top of all that, Twitter seems to have allowed porn on their site under the guise and protection of the LGBT.  At the same time, as an Intersex person, Twitter has never allowed Intersex people like myself or even any conservative, libertarian or republican any equal access online or even equal space. Twitter for it’s part has become an echo chamber for the LGBT, Democrats, Liberals, SJW’s, politically correct, Snowflakes and the delusional. Twitter has become a delusional space where you can speak your mind, as long as you don’t offend or challenge their protected class such as the LGBT, Democrats, Liberals, SJW’s, politically correct, Snowflakes and the delusional whackjobs.

Since yesterday, I have totally gaven up on twitter, simply because they have discriminated against Intersex people like myself and have no platformed intersex people like myself who doesn’t tow the LGBT, Democrats, Liberals, SJW’s, politically correct, Snowflakes and the delusional line. Your never going to get me back onto twitter ever again unless Twitter changes their policies to be more friendly to Conservatives, libertarians, Independents, and republicans. On top of that, the only way I will ever come back to twitter is if they start respecting the US Constitution, Freedom of Speech rights or if the US Government starts putting pressure on Twitter. Other than that, as of now, I ain’t never going back to Twitter, after what Twitter has done to Intersex people like myself and how they discriminate against intersex people.

It’s why my only social media platforms that are left to find me are on Facebook, Google+, Gab, Mewe, Twitch, Instagram, Youtube and Minds. That’s because those are the only places I have left where I have a platform and where I can speak my mind and speak freely. I know on Gab, Mewe and Minds, I can speak my mind and speak freely without being censored, block or suspended from the liberal social media sites. Those who want to follow me, can follow me on Facebook, Google+, Gab, Mewe, Twitch, Instagram, Youtube and Minds. I still have Facebook, twitter and Youtube simply because I have friends and family who would not leave the liberal social media sites.

Which is why I especially like Gab, Mewe and Minds because they respect my Freedom of speech rights and they respect the fact that I can speak freely and not be blocked, censored or suspended. Unlike the liberal sites like Twitter, they seem to cater and protect their special interest groups such as the LGBT, Democrats, Liberals, SJW’s, politically correct, Snowflakes and the delusional, over everyone else.

It’s why people who have a half a brain need, to think their worth on Facebook, twitter and Youtube. If you want to follow me and be able to speak freely online, then you can find me on Gab, Mewe and Minds because that’s where you’ll find me speaking freely and speaking my mind.

Clothing choices for Intersex body

As an Intersex person, when it comes to clothing choices, those things are basically a huge toss-up for me. The reason for that is because being an Intersex person, I can fit into both men and women’s clothes more easily than everyone else. The other is that one hides my Intersex body, while the other flaunts and shows it. It’s why I sometimes hate mens clothes simply because they are too big and often times hides my Intersex body from view. Where as women’s clothes oftentimes highlights and shows off my Intersex body. Which is often why being an Intersex person, I much prefer women’s clothes over Men’s because Men’s clothes hides it and women’s shows it. On top of all that, Men’s clothes never accommodates my Intersex body, whereas women’s clothes accommodates my Intersex body.

It’s why, having an Intersex body is often very hard for the simply fact that most men’s and women’s clothes won’t fit on me. It’s why being an Intersex person and having an Intersex body, I can get away to a certain point on women’s clothes because I have a micropenis, ambiguous genitalia and my body frame can fit into them. It’s the one advantage I have in being Intersex is that my body frame can easily accommodate both men and women’s clothes. It’s like for example, I can easily get away with having a one piece swimsuit on because I have the body frame for it and I don’t have that issue of tucking my Micropenis because it’s so damn small that I barely feel it. When it comes to dresses, Skinny jeans and etc, I can get away with them to a certain point.

Which is why most people oftentimes ask me what clothing choices do I have as an Intersex person and quite frankly, I often times tell them it’s a mixture of Men’s and women’s clothes and the ratio is 80:20. Although most times I prefer women’s over men simply because of the fact that I like showing my Intersex body and I am comfortable with my Intersex body.  When it comes to men’s clothes, sometimes I feel weird or small in them because they hide my Intersex body and they make them feel like I don’t have a body at all. Even though I can get away with men’s clothes but often times I won’t choose to wear them, simply because they make me feel uncomfortable in them. Though in some instances, if I am forced to wear guys clothes, I can get away with them, but often times, I feel much more comfortable with Women’s clothes and that my Intersex body feels better in them.

It’s why, having an Intersex body and having Kallmann’s syndrome. My clothing preferences are largely based on what my Intersex body can fit into and how comfortable I am in with either men’s or women’s. This largely holds true for most Intersex conditions out their. That is because depending upon the Intersex body that your born with, will dictate what clothing preferences you have and mines is mostly a mix of Men and women’s. Simply put, I am mostly comfortable in women’s clothing but I can be ok with Men’s clothing as well.